Expériences et observations sur l'électricité faites à Philadelphie en Amérique

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 86

& communiquées dans plusieurs Lettres à M. P. COLLINSON,
de la Société Royale de Londres.

_Traduites de l'Anglois._


_Revue, corrigée & augmentée d'un supplément considérable du même
auteur, avec des Notes & des Expériences nouvelles._



Chez DURAND, ruë du Foin, au Griffon.


_Avec Approbation & Privilège du Roi._

_de Philadelphie en Amérique_,


_de la Société Royale de Londres_.


_Contenant des observations & des suppositions tendantes à former une
nouvelle hypothèse pour expliquer les différens phénomènes des éclats de

[Note 39: Les éclats de tonnerre sont des coups soudains de tonnerre &
d'éclairs qui sont ordinairement de peu de durée, mais qui produisent
quelquefois de funestes effets.]


§. 79. Les corps non-électriques, lorsqu'ils ont été chargés de feu
électrique, le retiennent jusqu'à ce qu'on en approche d'autres corps
non-électriques qui en ayent moins, & alors il est communiqué avec
craquement, & se trouve également distribué.

80. Le feu électrique aime l'eau, il en est fortement attiré, & ces deux
élemens peuvent

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half starved their families.
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We do not pretend to merit anything of God, for he is above our services; and the benefits he confers on us are the effects of his goodness and bounty.
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"But," said he,.
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But such beings as are endowed with _thought_ and _reflection_ cannot be made happy by any limited term of happiness, how great soever its duration may be.
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A new company was proposed, and prevented only by admitting a number of new partners.
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By his statements he found a balance due to me on the 4th May, 1785, of 7533 livres, 19 sols, 3 deniers, which I accordingly received of the Congress Bank; the difference between my statement and his being only seven sols, which by mistake I had overcharged, about threepence halfpenny sterling.
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As we draw nearer the conclusion of life, nature furnishes us with more helps to wean us from it, among which one of the most powerful is the loss of such dear friends.
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It seems natural to conclude from this, that water and air were ingredients in their original composition; for men cannot make new matter of any kind.
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[36] The paper of Mr.
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This premised, 1.
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1703_, has an express discourse to prove, that on the foot of the new experiments of the weight and spring of the air, a moderate degree of heat may bring the air into a condition capable of causing earthquakes.
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in the plate_, forming a long and sharp cone.
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to the flesh, the parts are separated too far, and pain ensues, as when they are separated by a pin or lancet.