Experiments and Observations on Electricity Made at Philadelphia in America

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 11

the fire appears every where upon the gold like a
flash of lightning: not upon the leather, nor, if you touch the leather
instead of the gold. We rub our tubes with buckskin, and observe always to
keep the same side to the tube, and never to sully the tube by handling;
thus they work readily and easily, without the least fatigue; especially if
kept in tight pastboard cases, lined with flannel, and fitting closeto the
tube.[2]--This I mention because the _European_ papers, on Electricity,
frequently speak of rubbing the tube, as a fatiguing exercise. Our spheres
are fixed on iron axes, which pass through them. At one end of the axis
there is a small handle, with which we turn the sphere like a common
grindstone. This we find very commodious, as the machine takes up but
little room, is portable, and may be enclosed in a tight box, when not in
use. 'Tis true, the sphere does not turn so swift, as when the great wheel
is used: but swiftness we think of little importance, since a few turns
will charge the phial, _&c._ sufficiently.

_I am_, &c.





Mr BENJ. FRANKLIN, in _Philadelphia_.






s 1. There will be the same explosion and shock, if the electrified phial
is held in one hand by the hook, and the coating touch'd with the other, as
when held by the coating, and touch'd at the hook.

2. To take the charg'd phial safely by the hook, and not at the same time
diminish its force, it must first be set down on an electric _per se_.

3. The phial will be electrified as strongly, if held by the hook, and the
coating apply'd to the globe or tube; as when held by the coating, and the
hook apply'd.

4. But the _direction_ of the electrical fire being different in the
charging, will also be different in the explosion. The bottle charged thro'
the hook, will be discharged thro' the hook; the bottle charged thro' the
coating, will be discharged thro' the coating, and not other ways: for the
fire must come out the same way it went in.

5. To prove this; take two bottles that were equally charged thro' the
hooks, one in each hand; bring their hooks near each other, and no spark or
shock will follow; because each hook is disposed to give fire, and neither
to receive it. Set one of the bottles down on glass, take it up by the
hook, and apply its coating to the

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