Experiments and Observations on Electricity Made at Philadelphia in America

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 5

in your hand. As
often as he touches it, he will be electrified _plus_; and any one standing
on the floor may draw a spark from him. The fire in this experiment passes
out of the wire into him; and at the same time out of your hand into the
bottom of the bottle.


Give him the electrified phial to hold; and do you touch the wire; as often
you touch it he will be electrified _minus_, and may draw a spark from any
one standing on the floor. The fire now passes from the wire to you, and
from him into the bottom of the bottle.


Lay two books on two glasses, back towards back, two or three Inches
distant. Set the electrified phial on one, and then touch the wire; that
book will be electrified _minus_; the electrical fire being drawn out of it
by the bottom of the bottle. Take off the bottle, and holding it in your
hand, touch the other with the wire; that book will be electrised _plus_;
the fire passing into it from the wire, and the bottle at the same time
supply'd from your hand. A suspended small cork-ball will play between
these books 'till the equilibrium is restored.


When a body is electrised _plus_ it will repel an electrified feather or
small cork-ball. When _minus_ (or when in the common state) it will attract
them, but stronger when _minus_ than when in the common state, the
difference being greater.


Tho', as in EXPER. VI. a man standing on wax may be electrised a number of
times, by repeatedly touching the wire of an electrised bottle (held in the
hand of one standing on the floor) he receiving the fire from the wire each
time: yet holding it in his own hand, and touching the wire, tho' he draws
a strong spark, and is violently shock'd, no Electricity remains in him;
the fire only passing thro' him from the upper to the lower part of the
bottle. Observe, before the shock, to let some one on the floor touch him
to restore the equilibrium in his body; for in taking hold of the bottom of
the bottle, he sometimes becomes a little electrised _minus_, which will
continue after the shock; as would also any _plus_ Electricity, which he
might have given him before the shock. For, restoring the equilibrium in
the bottle does not at all affect the Electricity in the man thro' whom the
fire passes; that Electricity is neither increased nor diminish'd.


The passing of the electrical fire from

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Text Comparison with Franklin's Way to Wealth; or, "Poor Richard Improved"

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Proprietors, W.
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However, let us hearken to good advice, and something may be done for us; "God helps them that help themselves," as Poor Richard says.
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