Experiments and Observations on Electricity Made at Philadelphia in America

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 54

the liquor.

[6] Thunder-gusts are sudden storms of thunder and lightning, which are
frequently of short duration, but sometimes produce mischievous

[7] See the ingenious essays on electricity in the Transactions, by Mr

[8] See the first sixteen Sections of my former Paper, called _Farther
Experiments_, &c.

[9] See s 10 of _Farther Experiments_, &c.

[10] In the dark the electrical fluid may be seen on the cushion in two
semi-circles or half-moons, one on the fore part, the other on the
back part of the cushion, just where the globe and cushion separate.
In the fore crescent the fire is passing out of the cushion into the
glass; in the other it is leaving the glass, and returning into the
back part of the cushion. When the prime conductor is apply'd to take
it off the glass, the back crescent disappears.

[11] Gilt paper, with the gilt face next the glass, does well.

[12] See farther experiments, s 15.

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"Because to be a libeller (said he) I hate it with my heart; From Sherburne[4] town, where now I dwell, My name I do put here; Without offence your real friend, It is Peter Folgier.
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I was very fond of voyages.
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However, that did not quite please him, as he thought it tended to make me too vain.
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In crossing the bay we met with a squall that tore our rotten sails to pieces, prevented our getting into the kill, and drove us upon Long Island.
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Mandeville, author of the Fable of the Bees, who had a club there, of which he was the soul, being a most facetious, entertaining companion.
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Considering your great age, the caution of your character, and your peculiar style of thinking, it is not likely that any one besides yourself can be sufficiently master of the facts of your life or the intentions of your mind.
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, waste nothing.
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I endeavoured to make it both entertaining.
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After some inquiry I found a poor industrious man who was willing to undertake keeping the pavement clean, by sweeping it twice a week, carrying off the dirt from before all the neighbours' doors, for the sum of sixpence per month, to be paid by each house.
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The principal buildings were defended by a stockade; they had purchased a quantity of arms and ammunition from New-York, and had even placed quantities of small paving stones between the windows of their high stone houses, for their women to throw them down upon the heads of any Indians that should attempt to force into them.
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Small, of London, dated in May, 1760, Dr.
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The publication of these letters produced a duel between Mr.
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Franklin, by one of his intimate friends, is so ably and accurately drawn, that we cannot refrain adding it to the foregoing.
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The colonies will probably consider themselves in the same situation in that respect with Ireland: they know you claim the same right with regard to Ireland, but you never exercise it.
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[21] They were before in perfect peace with both French and Indians; the troops were not,.
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I am far from desiring to lessen the laudable spirit of resentment in my countrymen against those now at war with us, so far as it is justified by their perfidy and inhumanity.