Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 147

fort upon the west side of Lake Champlain.]

[Footnote 160: That is, he was born in Boston.]

[Footnote 161: The estate of the Penn family.]

[Footnote 162: Through which the people loaned money to the government.]

[Footnote 163: A tax or duty on certain home productions.]

[Footnote 164: Gun carriages, transport wagons, etc.]

[Footnote 165: Of the government at London, as on p. 147.]

[Footnote 166: "Per diem," i.e., a day, or per day.]

[Footnote 167: Disinterested.]

[Footnote 168: A member of the light cavalry.]

[Footnote 169: "Carrying horses," i.e., carrying packs or burdens upon
the back.]

[Footnote 170: Junior and subordinate officers.]

[Footnote 171: Muscovado sugar is brown sugar.]

[Footnote 172: Upon the site of this fort Pittsburg is built. The French
were also fortified at Niagara and at Frontenac on Lake Ontario.]

[Footnote 173: The historian and philosopher. He was born in 1711 and
died in 1776.]

[Footnote 174: "Bought servants," i.e., those whose service had been
bought for a term of years (see Note 2, p. 69).]

[Footnote 175: This dialogue and the militia act are in the
Gentleman's Magazine for February and March, 1756.]

[Footnote 176: Fifty-five miles north of Philadelphia.]

[Footnote 177: Relieved one another in military duty.]

[Footnote 178: The exact location is not known.]

[Footnote 179: The powder used to fire the charge. It was ignited by a
spark from the flintlock.]

[Footnote 180: Pole.]

[Footnote 181: "Swivel gun," i.e., a gun turning upon a swivel or
pivot in any direction.]

[Footnote 182: Fund.]

[Footnote 183: Light cannon mounted on carriages.]


In 1746, being at Boston, I met there with a Dr. Spence, who was lately
arrived from Scotland, and showed me some electric experiments. They
were imperfectly performed, as he was not very expert; but, being on a
subject quite new to me, they equally surprised and pleased me. Soon
after my return to Philadelphia, our library company received from Mr.
Collinson, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, a present of a glass
tube, with some account of the use of it in making such experiments. I
eagerly seized the opportunity of repeating what I had seen at Boston;
and, by much practice, acquired great readiness in performing those,
also, which we had an account of from England, adding a number of new
ones. I say much practice, for my house was continually full, for some
time, with people who came to see these new wonders.

To divide a little this incumbrance among my friends, I caused a number
of similar tubes to be blown at our glasshouse, with which they
furnished themselves, so that we had at length several performers. Among
these, the

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Sleep, when it follows, will be natural and undisturbed; while indolence, with full feeding, occasions nightmares and horrors inexpressible; we fall from precipices, are assaulted by wild beasts, murderers, and demons, and experience every variety of distress.
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How very few of us continue so long! I have seen generations born, flourish, and expire! My present friends are the children and grandchildren of the friends of my youth, who are now, alas, no more! And I must soon follow them; for, by the course of nature, though still in health, I cannot expect to live above seven or eight minutes longer.
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We are convinced, therefore, that you mean to do us good by your proposal; and we thank you heartily.
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" The good missionary, disgusted with this idle tale, said, "What I delivered to you were sacred truths, but what you tell me is mere fable, fiction, and falsehood.
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), will prepare those who read it for the following paper: "GENTLEMEN,--There is now publishing in France a periodical work, called Ephemeridis du Citoyen,[6] in which several points, interesting to those concerned in agriculture, are from time to time discussed by some able hands.
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But if, when the husband rises in the morning, he should.
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He had 40,000 stalls of horses which he brought out of Egypt.
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At least, you will, by such conduct, stand the best chance for such consequences.
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"Our expectations of the future grandeur of America are not so magnificent, and, therefore, not so vain and visionary, as you represent them to be.
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" * * * * * "_Dr.
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Perhaps I shall be the last to discover that; but I am sensible of great diminution in my activity, a quality I think particularly necessary in your minister at this court.
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I know you would be worth more to me as a _menagere_.
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[33] John Hawkesworth, LL.
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"According to the course of years, I should have quitted this world long before him: I shall, however, not be long in following.
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It is thus that a hair in a microscope evidently appears to be a pipe, the sides showing darker than the middle.
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100 88 79 6th " 99 86 80 7th " 100 90 79 8th " 100 88 81 --- --- --- 813 717 632 --- --- --- Medium 101 Medium 89 Medium 79 I made many other experiments, but the above are those in which I was most exact; and they serve sufficiently to show that the difference is considerable.
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The experiments by which the identity of lightning and electricity was demonstrated, were made with a sheet of brown paper, a bit of twine, a silk thread, and an iron key.