Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 30

explain all his
views, what interest he relied on, and in what manner he intended to
proceed. I, who stood by and heard all, saw immediately that one of
them was a crafty old sophister,[45] and the other a mere novice.
Bradford left me with Keimer, who was greatly surprised when I told
him who the old man was.

Keimer's printing house, I found, consisted of an old shattered press
and one small, worn-out font of English,[46] which he was then using
himself, composing an elegy on Aquila Rose, before mentioned, an
ingenious young man of excellent character, much respected in the
town, clerk of the Assembly, and a pretty poet. Keimer made verses
too, but very indifferently. He could not be said to write them, for
his manner was to compose them in the types, directly out of his head.
So, there being no copy,[47] but one pair of cases, and the elegy
likely to require all the letters, no one could help him. I endeavored
to put his press (which he had not yet used and of which he understood
nothing) into order fit to be worked with; and, promising to come and
print off his elegy as soon as he should have got it ready, I returned
to Bradford's, who gave me a little job to do for the present, and
there I lodged and dieted.[48] A few days after Keimer sent for me to
print off the elegy. And now he had got another pair of cases, and a
pamphlet to reprint, on which he set me to work.

These two printers I found poorly qualified for their business.
Bradford had not been bred to it, and was very illiterate; and Keimer,
though something of a scholar, was a mere compositor, knowing nothing
of press work. He had been one of the French prophets,[49] and could
act their enthusiastic agitations. At this time he did not profess any
particular religion, but something of all on occasion, was very
ignorant of the world, and had, as I afterward found, a good deal of
the knave in his composition. He did not like my lodging at Bradford's
while I worked with him. He had a house, indeed, but without
furniture, so he could not lodge me; but he got me a lodging at Mr.
Read's, before mentioned, who was the owner of his house; and, my
chest and clothes being come by this time, I made rather a more
respectable appearance in the eyes of Miss Read than I had done when
she first happened to see me eating my roll in the

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