Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 32

he was going with Colonel French to
taste, as he said, some excellent Madeira. I was not a little
surprised, and Keimer stared like a pig poisoned. I went, however,
with the governor and Colonel French to a tavern at the corner of
Third Street, and over the Madeira he proposed my setting up my
business, laid before me the probabilities of success, and both he and
Colonel French assured me I should have their interest and influence
in procuring the public business of both governments.[50] On my
doubting whether my father would assist me in it, Sir William said he
would give me a letter to him, in which he would state the advantages,
and he did not doubt of prevailing with him. So it was concluded I
should return to Boston in the first vessel, with the governor's
letter recommending me to my father. In the mean time the intention
was to be kept a secret, and I went on working with Keimer as usual,
the governor sending for me now and then to dine with him, a very
great honor I thought it, and conversing with me in the most affable,
familiar, and friendly manner imaginable.

About the end of April, 1724, a little vessel offered for Boston. I
took leave of Keimer as going to see my friends. The governor gave me
an ample letter, saying many flattering things of me to my father,
and strongly recommending the project of my setting up at Philadelphia
as a thing that must make my fortune. We struck on a shoal in going
down the bay, and sprung a leak; we had a blustering time at sea, and
were obliged to pump almost continually, at which I took my turn. We
arrived safe, however, at Boston in about a fortnight. I had been
absent seven months, and my friends had heard nothing of me; for my
brother Holmes was not yet returned, and had not written about me. My
unexpected appearance surprised the family; all were, however, very
glad to see me, and made me welcome, except my brother. I went to see
him at his printing house. I was better dressed than ever while in his
service, having a genteel new suit from head to foot, a watch, and my
pockets lined with near five pounds sterling in silver. He received me
not very frankly, looked me all over, and turned to his work again.

The journeymen were inquisitive where I had been, what sort of a
country it was, and how I liked it. I praised it much, and the happy

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4 New Jerseys 3 Pennsylvania 6 Maryland 4 Virginia 7 North Carolina 4 South Carolina 4 ---- .
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Your committee further beg leave to add, that besides these aggrievances, there are other hardships the people of this province have experienced, that call for redress.
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The governor's message to them from a place called _Harris's Ferry_.
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But first let me observe, that we did not make those claims because they were large enough for security, but because we could rightfully claim no more.
Page 73
It is true, the accession of the large territory claimed before the war began (especially if that be secured by the possession of Canada) will tend to the increase of the British subjects faster, than if they had been confined within the mountains: yet the increase within the mountains only would evidently make the comparative population equal to that of Great Britain much sooner than it can be expected, when our people are spread over a country six times as large.
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3,767,841 12 11 Difference, 3,646,215 11 4 --------------- £.
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By this means numbers of people became usurers with small sums, who could not have found persons to take such sums of them upon interest, giving good security; and would therefore not have thought of it; but would rather have employed the money in some business, if it had been money of the common kind.
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But as, in every kind of sinning, frequent repetition lessens shame, and increases boldness, we find the proprietaries ten years afterwards openly insisting on these advantages to themselves, _over and above_ what was paid to their deputy: "Wherefore (say they) on this occasion it is necessary that we should inform the people, through yourselves their representatives, that as by the constitution _our consent is necessary_ to their _laws_, at the same time that they have an _undoubted right_ to such as are necessary for the defence and real service of the country; so it will tend the better to facilitate the several matters which must be transacted with us, for their representatives to show a regard _to us_ and our _interest_.
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But you seem mistaken in the order of time: it was the uneasiness and distraction among the good people of the province that occasioned the measures; the province was in confusion before they were taken, and they were pursued in order to prevent such uneasiness and distraction for the future.
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-- -- The colonists being thus greatly alarmed, as I said before, by the news of the act for abolishing the legislature of New York, and the imposition of these new duties, professedly for such disagreeable purposes (accompanied by a new set of revenue officers, with large appointments, which gave strong suspicions, that more business of the same kind was soon to be provided for them, that they might earn their salaries) began seriously to consider their situation; and to revolve afresh in their minds, grievances, which, from their respect and love for this country, they had long borne and seemed almost willing to forget.
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But I tell the story chiefly for the sake of the _moral_, which has the air of having been suggested by Dr.
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Sometimes, I purpose to deliver lectures of morality of philosophy, and (because I am naturally inclined to be meddling with things that do not concern me) perhaps I may sometimes talk politics.
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For, as he acquainted me, there are among us great numbers of honest artificers and labouring people, who, fed with a vain hope of growing suddenly rich, neglect their business, almost to the ruining of themselves and families, and voluntarily endure abundance of fatigue in a fruitless search after imaginary hidden treasure.
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And yet I know there are little envious minds who will, as usual, deny me this, and say,.
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FOOTNOTES: [189] From the Columbian Magazine, Vol.
Page 352
It is said, the wise Italians make this proverbial remark on our nation, viz.