Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 53

of type.]

[Footnote 72: "A printing house used to be called a chapel by the
workmen, and a journeyman, on entering a printing house, was
accustomed to pay one or more gallons of beer 'for the good of the
chapel,'"--W. F. FRANKLIN, quoted by Bigelow.]

[Footnote 73: "Never making," etc., i.e., never making a holiday of
Monday. The heavy drinkers of Saturday night and Sunday needed Monday
to recover from their excesses.]

[Footnote 74: The woman who, according to legend, wiped the face of
Jesus on his way to Calvary, and carried away the likeness of his
face, which had been miraculously printed on the cloth.]

[Footnote 75: A suburb of London, north of the Thames.]

[Footnote 76: Don Saltero had been a servant to Sir Hans Sloane, and
had learned from him to treasure curiosities. He now had a coffeehouse
at Chelsea.]

[Footnote 77: A name given to a part of London. The distance Franklin
swam was about three miles.]

[Footnote 78: Settlement.]

[Footnote 79: Pay.]

[Footnote 80: This plan has never been found.]


We landed in Philadelphia on the 11th of October, where I found sundry
alterations. Keith was no longer governor, being superseded by Major
Gordon. I met him walking the streets as a common citizen. He seemed a
little ashamed at seeing me, but passed without saying anything. I
should have been as much ashamed at seeing Miss Read, had not her
friends, despairing with reason of my return after the receipt of my
letter, persuaded her to marry another, one Rogers, a potter, which
was done in my absence. With him, however, she was never happy, and
soon parted from him, refusing to bear his name, it being now said
that he had another wife. He was a worthless fellow, though an
excellent workman, which was the temptation to her friends. He got
into debt, ran away in 1727 or 1728, went to the West Indies, and died
there. Keimer had got a better house, a shop well supplied with
stationery, plenty of new types, a number of hands, though none good,
and seemed to have a great deal of business.

Mr. Denham took a store in Water Street, where we opened our goods; I
attended the business diligently, studied accounts, and grew, in a
little time, expert at selling. We lodged and boarded together; he
counseled me as a father, having a sincere regard for me. I respected
and loved him, and we might have gone on together very happy; but, in
the beginning of February, 1726/7,[81] when I had just passed my
twenty-first year, we were both

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