Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 83

3} Work.

EVENING. { 6} Put things in their places.
_Question._ What good have { 7} Supper. Music or diversion, or
I done to-day? { 8} conversation. Examination of
{ 9} the day.

NIGHT. { 1} Sleep.

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Text Comparison with The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

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264 Reasons for supposing, that the glass globe charges positively, and the sulphur negatively.
Page 27
My brother was taken into custody, censured, and ordered into confinement for a month, because, as I presume, he would not discover the author.
Page 53
I was consequently looked upon as excommunicated; and whenever I was absent, no little trick that malice could suggest was left unpractised upon me.
Page 96
Such are the outlines of the plan proposed, for the consideration of the congress, by Dr.
Page 99
He soon levied a body of troops, with which he repaired to the place at which their presence was necessary.
Page 101
Franklin about this time published his Canada pamphlet, in which he, in a forcible manner, pointed out the advantages which would result from the conquest of this province.
Page 121
For example, Place an iron shot of three or four inches diameter on the mouth of a clean dry glass bottle.
Page 127
If you attempt to throw more in, it is spewed back through the wire, or flies out in loud cracks through the sides of the bottle.
Page 163
10, the upper corner a right angle, the two next obtuse angles, and the lowest a very acute one; and bring this on your plate under the electrified plate, in such a manner as that the right-angled part may be first raised (which is done by covering the acute part with the hollow of your hand) and you will see this leaf take place much nearer to the upper than the under plate; because without being nearer, it cannot receive so fast at its right-angled point, as it can discharge at its acute one.
Page 214
In the same manner we say, glass is impermeable to water, and yet a stream from a fire-engine will force through the strongest panes of a window.
Page 256
If any of these stones, in their natural state, can be procured here, I think it would be right to endeavour finding, before they are cut, the two sides that contain the opposite powers, and make the faces there.
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Page 275
I read it with great pleasure, and beg you to accept my sincere thanks for it.
Page 297
If the Abbé's opinion be right, that the exterior surface, communicating with the coating, is charged, as well as the interior, communicating with the hook; how can I, who stand on wax, discharge both these phials, when it is well known I could not discharge one of them singly? Nay, suppose I have drawn the electric matter from both of them, what becomes of it? For I appear to have no additional quantity in me when the experiment is over, and I have not stirred off the wax: wherefore this experiment fully convinces me, that the exterior surface is not charged; and not only so, but that it wants as much electric matter as the inner has of excess: for by this supposition, which is a part of Mr.
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411, iii.
Page 327
_Mechanics_, advantages of an early attention to, i.
Page 339
Page 344
'with mose ease' replaced by 'with more ease'.