Franklin's Way to Wealth; or, "Poor Richard Improved"

By Benjamin Franklin

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Virtue and Innocence, a Poem 1 0

The Economy of Human Life 1 0

Old Friends in a New Dress, or Selections
from Esop's Fables, in Verse,
2 parts, plates 2 0

Little Jack Horner, in Verse, plain 1s.
coloured 1 6

Portraits of Curious Characters in London,
&c. with Biographical and Interesting
Anecdotes 1 6

Watt's Catechism and Prayers, in 1 vol.
half bound 1 0

Wonders of the Horse, recorded in Anecdotes,
Prose and Verse, by Joseph
Taylor 2 6

Tales of the Robin & other Small Birds,
in Verse, by Joseph Taylor 2 6

Instructive Conversation Cards, consisting

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

Page 4
Works, cli II.
Page 40
"[i-137] Like the members of the Royal Society, Franklin would bring the words of written.
Page 57
Franklin's adoration of a Deity who is the creator and sustainer of immutable, universal physical laws which together present the mind with the concept of a vast, wonderfully harmonized physical machine) to conjecture to what extent this matchless physical harmony tended to challenge him with the possibility of discovering a parallel economic machine operating according to immutable laws capable of proof and human adaptability.
Page 82
[i-437] Since Franklin acknowledged his reading of Shaftesbury and since as late as 1730 he borrowed heavily from the _Characteristics_, it seems probable that Shaftesbury lent Franklin in this case some sanction for his only metaphysical venture.
Page 121
Duncan, _op.
Page 224
Being diligent in reading the holy Scriptures.
Page 233
[E] Nothing so likely to make a man's fortune as virtue.
Page 284
] PETITION Inasmuch as by Reason of our Ignorance We cannot be certain that many Things, which we often hear mentioned in the Petitions of Men to the Deity, would prove real Goods, if they were in our Possession, and as I have reason to hope and believe that the Goodness of my Heavenly Father will not withold from me a suitable share of Temporal Blessings, if by a Virtuous and holy Life I conciliate his Favour and Kindness, Therefore I presume not to ask such things, but rather humbly and with a Sincere Heart, express my earnest desires that he would.
Page 298
And I will say this in its Vindication, that its Design is very wise and useful.
Page 341
Remember, that _time_ is money.
Page 435
Full [Fullmoon] 15 at noon.
Page 586
Confined by the sea, they can scarcely increase in numbers, wealth and strength, so as to overbalance England.
Page 597
And if Youth has less of that Prudence, that is necessary to conduct a Family, yet the Parents and elder Friends of young married Persons are generally at hand to.
Page 631
We have selected what appears to us the material parts, and which we humbly hope, will be deemed sufficient.
Page 676
Wrapt in the speculations of this wretched game, you destroy your constitution.
Page 678
Burn it if you choose; you would at least get heat out of it once in this way; or, if you dislike that proposal, here's another for you; observe the poor peasants, who work in the vineyards and grounds about the villages of Passy, Auteuil, Chaillot, &c.
Page 726
The World is large, and a great Part of it still uncultivated.
Page 769
" But Methusalem answered, and said, "If I am to live but five hundred years longer, it is not worth while to build me an house; I will sleep in the air, as I have been used to do.
Page 779
See _Dictionary of American Biography_, VI, 600-1.
Page 780
From London (Oct.