Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 1 of 2] With His Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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to no less, if I remember right, than
five thousand pounds.

In the introduction to these proposals, I stated their publication not
as an act of mine, but of some _public-spirited gentleman_; avoiding as
much as I could, according to my usual rule, the presenting myself to
the public as the author of any scheme for their benefit.

The subscribers, to carry the project into immediate execution, chose
out of their number twenty-four trustees, and appointed Mr. Francis,
then attorney-general, and myself, to draw up constitutions for the
government of the academy; which being done and signed, a house was
hired, masters engaged, and the schools opened; I think in the same
year, 1749.

The scholars increasing fast, the house was soon found too small, and we
were looking out for a piece of ground, properly situated, with intent
to build, when accident threw into our way a large house ready built,
which, with a few alterations, might well serve our purpose: this was
the building before mentioned, erected by the hearers of Mr. Whitefield,
and was obtained for us in the following manner.

It is to be noted, that the contributions to this building being made by
people of different sects, care was taken in the nomination of trustees,
in whom the building and ground were to be vested, that a predominance
should not be given to any sect, lest in time that predominance might be
a means of appropriating the whole to the use of such sect, contrary to
the original intention; it was for this reason that one of each sect was
appointed; viz., one Church of England man, one Presbyterian, one
Baptist, one Moravian, &c., who, in case of vacancy by death, were to
fill it by election among the contributors. The Moravian happened not to
please his colleagues, and on his death they resolved to have no other
of that sect; the difficulty then was, how to avoid having two of some
other sect, by means of the new choice. Several persons were named, and
for that reason not agreed to: at length one mentioned me, with the
observation that I was merely an honest man, and of _no sect_ at all,
which prevailed with them to choose me. The enthusiasm which existed
when the house was built had long since abated, and its trustees had not
been able to procure fresh contributions for paying the ground rent and
discharging some other debts the building had occasioned, which
embarrassed them greatly. Being now a member of both boards of
trustees, that for the building and that for the academy, I had a

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