Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 1 of 2] With His Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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in one thousand pounds to the society, which they will pay, but we
are like to lose the rest. He had this year received twenty-six
admission payments of twenty-five guineas each, which he did not
bring to account.

"While attending this affair, I had an opportunity of looking over
the old council books and journals of the society; and having a
curiosity to see how I came in (of which I had never been
informed), I looked back for the minutes relating to it. You must
know it is not usual to admit persons that have not requested to be
admitted; and a recommendatory certificate in favour of the
candidate, signed by at least three of the members is by our rule
to be presented to the society, expressing that he is desirous of
that honour, and is so and so qualified. As I had never asked or
expected the honour, I was, as I said before, curious to see how
the business was managed. I found that the certificate, worded very
advantageously for me, was signed by Lord Macclesfield, then
president, Lord Parker, and Lord Willoughby; that the election was
by a unanimous vote; and the honour being voluntarily conferred by
the society unsolicited by me, it was thought wrong to demand or
receive the usual fees or composition; so that my name was entered
on the list with a vote of council _that I was not to pay
anything_. And, accordingly, nothing has ever been demanded of me.
Those who are admitted in the common way pay five guineas as
admission fees, and two guineas and a half yearly contribution, or
twenty five guineas down in lieu of it. In my case a substantial
favour accompanied the honour."

[13] In a letter from Dr.

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