Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 1 of 2] With His Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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have his bed made, "_in order that he might die in a
decent manner_," as was his expression: an idea probably suggested by an
acquaintance with the custom of the ancients. Mrs. Bache having replied
that she hoped he would recover, and live many years longer, he
instantly rejoined, "_I hope not_."

[17] The Congress of the United States thus expressed their sentiments
in return.

RESOLVED, _by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America, in Congress assembled_, That the President of
the United States be requested to cause to be communicated to the
National Assembly of France, the peculiar sensibility of Congress
to the tribute paid to the memory of Benjamin Franklin by the
enlightened and free representatives of a great nation, in their
decree of the eleventh June, one thousand seven hundred and ninety.

_Speaker of the House of Representatives_.
_Vice-President of the United States
and President of the Senate_.

Approved, March the 2d, 1791.

_President of the United States_.


_The Examination of Dr. Franklin before the British House of Commons,
relative to the Repeal of the American Stamp-act._[18]

1766, Feb. 3. Benjamin Franklin, Esq., and a number of other persons,
were "ordered to attend the committee of the whole House of Commons, to
whom it was referred to consider farther the several papers relative to
America, which were presented to the House by Mr. Secretary Conway,

_Q._ What is your name and place of abode?

_A._ Franklin, of

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Jane Mecom (February 12, 1756), 278 To Miss E.
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"[i-262] The colonies refused to ratify the plan--"their weak Noddles are perfectly distracted,"[i-263] wrote Franklin.
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_you must spread all upon Paper, and if you can procure a Scrap of Latin to put at the End, it will garnish it mightily, then having affixed your Name at the Bottom, with a_ Moestus Composuit, _you will have an Excellent Elegy.
Page 263
" But after all it must be consider'd, that no Pleasure can give Satisfaction or prove advantageous to a _reasonable Mind_, which is not attended with the _Restraints of Reason_.
Page 290
It is said that the Persians, in their ancient Constitution, had publick Schools in which Virtue was taught as a Liberal Art or Science; and it is certainly of more Consequence to a Man, that he has learnt to govern his Passions; in spite of Temptation to be just in his Dealings, to be Temperate in his Pleasures, to support himself with Fortitude under his Misfortunes, to behave with Prudence in all Affairs,.
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likely that they who desire to acquaint themselves with any particular Art or Science, would gladly have the whole before them in much less time, we believe our Readers will not think such a Method of communicating Knowledge to be a proper One.
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& End, 2 47 Geocentrick Latitude at the Beginning, S.
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their_ WITS _only, but they break for want of Stock.
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Many people lead bad lives that would gladly lead good ones, but know not _how_ to make the change.
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I have more than once seen tears of pleasure in the eyes of his auditors; and yet, I think, even _his_ playing those tunes would please more, if he gave them less modern ornament.
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And Reuben fell on his neck, and kissed him, with tears, saying, "Thy kindness is great, but thy goodness in forgiving me is greater.
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The Acre in America is the same with the English Acre, or the Acre of Normandy.
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, and form great Establishments, producing Quantities of Linen and Woollen Goods for Sale, has been several times attempted.
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Those of the next preceding Generation will be eight, the next Sixteen, the next thirty-two, the next sixty-four, the next One hundred and Twenty-eight, the next Two hundred and fifty-six, and the ninth in this Retrocession Five hundred and twelve, who must be now existing, and all contribute their Proportion of this future _Chevalier de Cincinnatus_.
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And I hope it; for I, too, with your Poet, _trust in God_.
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Fourthly, That they who have _no_ voice nor vote in the electing of representatives, _do not enjoy_ liberty; but are absolutely _enslaved_ to those who _have_ votes, and to their representatives; for to be enslaved is to have governors whom _other men have set over us_, and be subject to laws _made by the representatives of others_, without having had representatives of our own to give consent in _our_ behalf.
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