Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 1 of 2] With His Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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3. p. 84 fifteeen --> fifteen
4. p. 105 6. Moderation. --> 9. Moderation.
5. p. 125 retailiating --> retaliating
6. p. 162 Virnia --> Virginia
7. p. 226 with with more lustre --> with more lustre
8. p. 250 obejct --> object
9. p. 275 aleak --> a leak
10. p. 280 perpretrators --> perpetrators
11. p. 285 dependancies --> dependencies
12. p. 287 succed --> succeed

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Page 15
"The power proposed to be given by the plan to the grand council is only a concentration of the powers of the several assemblies in certain points for the general welfare; as the power of the president general, is of the powers of the several governors in the same points.
Page 50
Liberty it seems thrives best in the woods.
Page 54
Debates in the assembly on the _quantum_, and a new adjournment.
Page 82
_ per ton.
Page 85
That I speak within bounds, I appeal to the authentic accounts frequently required by the board.
Page 97
Page 106
The unsettled state of government for a long time in that province had also its share in depreciating its bills.
Page 221
The colonies, on this repeal, retracted their agreement, so far as related to all other goods, except that on which the duty was retained.
Page 235
Page 246
We have not yet applied to any foreign power for assistance, nor offered our commerce for their friendship.
Page 272
We are sons of the earth and seas, and, like Antæus in the fable, if, in wrestling with a Hercules, we now and then receive a fall, the touch of our parents will communicate to us fresh strength and vigour to renew the contest.
Page 286
But as most people delight in censure, when they themselves are not the objects of it, if any are offended at my publicly exposing their private vices, I promise they shall have the satisfaction, in a very little time, of seeing their good friends and neighbours in the same circumstances.
Page 291
Be advised by thy friend: neglect those musty authors; let them be covered with dust, and moulder on their proper shelves; and do thou apply thyself to a study much more profitable, the knowledge of mankind and of thyself.
Page 295
They have for the purpose a small silver chaffing dish, covered with a lid full of holes, and fixed upon a handsome plate.
Page 328
If any indisposition should attack my sister--and I mention it in confidence upon this occasion, that she is subject to the gout, the rheumatism and cramp, without making mention of other accidents--what would be the fate of our poor family? Must not the regret of our parents be excessive, at having placed so great a difference between sisters, who are so perfectly equal? Alas! we must perish from distress: for it would not be in my power even to scrawl a suppliant petition for relief, having been obliged to employ the hand of another in transcribing the request, which I have now the honour to prefer to you.
Page 360
Is there then the least hope remaining, that from that quarter any thing should arise for our security? And is our prospect better, if we turn our eyes to the strength of the opposite party, those great and rich men, merchants and others, who are ever railing at Quakers for doing what their principles seem to require, and what in charity we ought to believe they think their duty, but take no one step themselves for the public safety.
Page 361
But such, it seems, is the unhappiness of human nature, that our passions, when violent, often are too hard for the united force of reason, duty, and religion.
Page 367
And with all the inconveniences human _life_ is liable to, I shall not object to a new edition of mine; hoping, however, that the errata of the last may be corrected.
Page 373
Franklin," Mr.
Page 396
_Florence_ flask, when filled with boiling water, not chargeable with electricity, i.