Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 1 of 2] With His Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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his son; had prevailed on him to abstain long from
dram-drinking, and he hoped might break him of that wretched habit
entirely when we came to be so closely connected. I gave an inventory to
the father, who carried it to a merchant: the things were sent for, the
secret was to be kept till they should arrive, and in the mean time I
was to get work, if I could, at the other printing-house. But I found no
vacancy there, and so remained idle a few days, when Keimer, on a
prospect of being employed to print some paper money in New-Jersey,
which would require cuts and various types that I only could supply, and
apprehending Bradford might engage me and get the job from him, sent me
a very civil message, that old friends should not part for a few words,
the effect of sudden passion, and wishing me to return. Meredith
persuaded me to comply, as it would give more opportunity for his
improvement under my daily instructions; so I returned, and we went on
more smoothly than for some time before. The New-Jersey job was
obtained; I contrived a copperplate press for it, the first that had
been seen in the country; I cut several ornaments and checks for the
bills. We went together to Burlington, where I executed the whole to
satisfaction; and he received so large a sum for the work as to be
enabled thereby to keep himself longer from ruin.

At Burlington I made an acquaintance with many principal people of the
province. Several of them had been appointed by the Assembly a committee
to attend the press, and take care that no more bills were printed than
the law directed. They were, therefore, by turns, constantly with us,
and generally he who attended brought with him a friend or two for
company. My mind having been much more improved by reading than
Keimer's, I suppose it was for that reason my conversation seemed to be
more valued. They had me to their houses, introduced me to their
friends, and showed me much civility; while he, though the master, was a
little neglected. In truth, he was an odd creature; ignorant of common
life, fond of rudely opposing received opinions; slovenly to extreme
dirtiness; enthusiastic in some points of religion, and a little knavish
withal. We continued there near three months, and by that time I could
reckon among my acquired friends Judge Allen, Samuel Bustill, the
secretary of the province, Isaac Pearson, Joseph Cooper, and several of
the Smiths, members of Assembly, and Isaac Decow, the

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In regard to water-spouts, having, in a long letter to a gentleman of the same sentiment with you as to their direction, said all that I have to say in support of my opinion; I need not repeat the arguments therein contained, as.
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The knowledge of nature may be ornamental, and it may be useful, but if to attain an eminence in that, we neglect.
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You begin to think that I wander from my subject, and go out of my depth.
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| el |The same; touching just about the | | | | | _gums_ of the _upper teeth_.
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FOOTNOTES: [72] This was an early performance, and carries along with it an air of singularity, accompanied with such operative good sense and philanthropy, as characterizes it for Dr.
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The causes, that advance or obstruct any one of these three objects, are external or internal.
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And here I cannot help remarking, by the by, how well founded your distinction is between the increase of mankind in old and new settled countries in general, and more particularly in the case of families of condition.
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71, 154.
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_Soap-boiler_, part of Franklin's early life devoted to the business of, i.