Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 2 of 2] With his Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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to his
guide, and said, you blundering blockhead, you are ignorant of your
business; you undertook to conduct me to the earth, and you have brought
me into hell! No, sir, says the guide, I have made no mistake; this is
really the earth, and these are men. Devils never treat one another in
this cruel manner; they have more sense, and more of what men (vainly)
call humanity.

"But to be serious, my dear old friend, I love you as much as ever, and
I love all the honest souls that meet at the London Coffee-house. I only
wonder how it happened that they and my other friends in England came to
be such good creatures in the midst of so perverse a generation. I long
to see them and you once more, and I labour for peace with more
earnestness, that I may again be happy in your sweet society. * * *

"Yesterday the _Count du Nord_[17] was at the Academy of Sciences, when
sundry experiments were exhibited for his entertainment; among them, one
by M. Lavoisier, to show that the strongest fire we yet know is made in
charcoal blown upon with dephlogisticated air. In a heat so produced, he
melted platina presently, the fire being much more powerful than that of
the strongest burning mirror. Adieu, and believe me ever, yours most

[17] The Grand-duke of Russia, afterward the Emperor Paul I.


* * * * *

_To the same._

"London, September 19, 1772.


"In the affair of so much importance to you, wherein you ask my advice,
I cannot, for want of sufficient premises, counsel you _what_ to
determine; but, if you please, I will tell you _how_. When those
difficult cases occur, they are difficult chiefly because, while we have
them under consideration, all the reasons, _pro_

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Its place is supplied by air from northern and southern latitudes, which coming from parts where the earth and air had less motion, and not suddenly acquiring the quicker motion of the equatorial earth, appears an east wind blowing westward; the earth moving from west to east, and slipping under the air[1].
Page 24
Whirlwinds have generally a progressive, as well as a circular motion; so had what is called the spout, at Topsham--(_See the account of it in the Transactions_) which also appears, by its effects described, to have been a real whirlwind.
Page 27
Page 29
_At its upper end_ it becomes visible, by the warm air brought up to the cooler region, where its moisture begins to be condensed into thick vapour, by the cold, and is seen first at A, the highest part, which being now cooled, condenses what rises next at B, which condenses that at C, and that condenses what is rising at D, the cold operating by the contact of the vapours faster in a right line downwards, than the vapours themselves can climb in a spiral line upwards; they climb, however, and as by continual addition they grow denser, and, consequently, their centrifugal force greater, and being risen above the concentrating currents that compose the whirl, fly off, spread, and form a cloud.
Page 55
as to form a drop, that drop begins to fall.
Page 110
This was the sudden, wide and forcible spreading of a drop of oil on the face of the water, which I do not know that any body has hitherto considered.
Page 119
And as much as possible to correct any little inequalities in my counting, I repeated the experiment a number of times at each depth of water, that I might take the medium.
Page 161
| | | | | | | | | | 29 | | | 62| 57 | | | {These are taken on an} | | | 30 | | | 62| 58 | 63| 58 | {average of 24 hours.
Page 181
--Or, fill a bladder not quite full of air, tie the neck tight, and lay it before a fire as near as may be without scorching the bladder; as the air within heats, you will perceive it to swell and fill the bladder, till it becomes tight, as if full blown: remove it to a cool place, and you will see it fall gradually, till it becomes as lank as at first.
Page 186
A front plate, (v) A top plate (vi) These are all cast of iron, with mouldings or ledges where the plates come together, to hold them fast, and retain the mortar used for pointing to make tight joints.
Page 200
_ FOOTNOTES: [44] Body or matter of any sort, is said to be _specifically_ heavier or lighter than other matter, when it has more or less substance or weight in the same dimensions.
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I am persuaded (says he) their _warm stoves_ contribute to their freedom from these kind of maladies.
Page 240
After the chimney has drawn a while with the fire thus low, and begins to be a little warm, you may close those passages and kindle another fire in the box C, leaving its sliding shutter a little open; and when you find after some time that the chimney being warmed draws forcibly, you may shut that passage, open your vase, and kindle your fire there, as above directed.
Page 246
) the sides and back of plate iron; the sides having holes of half an inch diameter distant three or four inches from each other, to let in air for enlivening the fire.
Page 259
Over the neck of this pin is put the loop of the string that comes up from the moveable step to give it motion.
Page 336
Is there probably any one of those privateering merchants of London, who were so ready to rob the merchants of Amsterdam, that would not as readily plunder another London merchant of the next street, if he could do it with the same impunity! The avidity, the _alieni appetens_, is the same; it is the fear alone of the gallows that makes the difference.
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Page 363
_ its properties and uses, 214, _et seq.
Page 367
_Fog_, great, in 1783, ii.
Page 377