Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin; Written by Himself. [Vol. 2 of 2] With his Most Interesting Essays, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings; Familiar, Moral, Political, Economical, and Philosophical, Selected with Care from All His Published Productions, and Comprising Whatever Is Most Entertaining and Valuable to the General Reader

By Benjamin Franklin

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To Governor Franklin 132

To Dr. Priestley 134

To the same 136

To Mr. Mather 137

To Mr. Strahan 138

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To Mrs. Thompson

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Human Creeds 438 The Cause of Christ is Above Partisan Politics 469 The Christian Ministry 44 The Church in the Wilderness .
Page 21
106 What We Know is Right 107 What is Campbellism? 156 What must I do to be Saved 317 Where is the Army of the Lord 251 Where is the Power 213 Who Crucified the Savior 195 Whom the Lord Receives 294 Why Infidels Oppose the Bible 423 Wielding the Sword of the Spirit 284 Will You also Go Away 35 Women in the Church 194 Young Preachers Must Be Practical .
Page 29
The concern proceeds on a principle of dishonesty on both sides—the principle of getting something for nothing.
Page 42
” It is not right in the church, family, or anywhere, to teach the Old Scriptures _exclusively_, or the New, but _teach both_, in their relation to each other.
Page 61
They are not led by the Spirit at all, but are led in opposition to all the Spirit ever taught.
Page 104
Some men appear to think, that if men are punished, to use their own style, as much as their sins deserve, they must necessarily be happy then.
Page 114
If he required one man to repent, he required all to repent.
Page 127
Moses was here, not in the flesh, for he had died some fifteen centuries before this.
Page 136
Darkness is merely the absence of light, or it is the negative of light, else it and light could exist at the same time, in the same place.
Page 147
That reason is not, that there is no day of judgment to come, which might serve as a reason why men need not repent.
Page 150
We shall continue to use the Bible terms, rewards and punishments, life and death, heaven and hell, in the same sense as.
Page 170
Their differences are about what is not in the Bible and not about what is in the Bible.
Page 174
The same grace of God has appeared to all men.
Page 225
_ Jesus and his apostles, in all their official acts, never attempted to correct the political institutions of the country, no matter how corrupt they were, but left them, and those who made them, to take care of their own responsibilities.
Page 229
In the next moment the man is arrested! What is he acting upon? Faith in the telegraphic dispatch he had just received.
Page 250
If we can determine what christianity is, then, why not adopt it, and nothing else? Can we determine what the gospel is? If we can not, then, no man knows whether he is a believer or not, and knows not whether he will be saved or lost.
Page 261
If the Bible is not true, _I am right_, and there is no show at all for the balance of you.
Page 265
We have identified our fortune—_our all_—for this world and that which is to come, for time and eternity, with the Bible.
Page 276
, the signs of the zodiac, the moon, etc.
Page 314
As you value your soul, follow him.