The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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had its point melted off, and some part of its head and neck
run. Sometimes the surface on the body of the needle is also run,
and appears blistered when examined by a magnifying glass: the jars
I make use off hold seven or eight gallons, and are coated and lined
with tin foil; each of them takes a thousand turns[57] of a globe
nine inches diameter to charge it.

I send you two specimens of tin-foil melted between glass, by the
force of two jars only.

I have not heard that any of your European electricians have ever
been able to fire gun-powder by the electric flame. We do it here
in this manner:--A small cartridge is filled with dry powder, hard
rammed, so as to bruise some of the grains; two pointed wires are
then thrust in, one at each end, the points approaching each other in
the middle of the cartridge till within the distance of half an inch;
then, the cartridge being placed in the circuit, when the four jars
are discharged, the electric flame leaping from the point of one wire
to the point of the other, within the cartridge amongst the powder,
_fires it_, and the explosion of the powder is at the same instant
with the crack of the discharge.

Your's, &c.



[56] See the paper entitled, _Farther Experiments, &c._

[57] The cushion being afterwards covered with a long flap of
buckskin, which might cling to the globe; and care being taken to
keep that flap of a due temperature, between too dry and too moist,
we found so much more of the electric fluid was obtained, as that 150
turns were sufficient. 1753.


_Unlimited Nature of the electric Force._

_Philadelphia, 1751._


I inclose you answers, such as my present hurry of business will
permit me to make, to the principal queries contained in your's of
the 28th instant, and beg leave to refer you to the latter piece
in the printed collection of my papers, for farther explanation
of the difference between what is called _electrics per se_, and
_non-electrics_. When you have had time to read and consider these
papers, I will endeavour to make any new experiments you shall
propose, that you think may afford farther light or satisfaction to
either of us; and shall be much obliged to you for such remarks,
objections, &c. as may occur to you.--I forget whether I wrote to you
that I have melted brass pins and steel needles, inverted the poles

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