The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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therefore repel each other, by _Pr. III._

_Approach the prime conductor with the tube near the same place as
at first, and they will close again._

Because the part of their natural quantity of electric fluid, which
they had lost, is now restored to them again, by the repulsion of the
glass tube forcing that fluid to them from other parts of the prime
conductor; so they are now again in their natural state.

_Withdraw it, and they will open again._

For what had been restored to them, is now taken from them again,
flowing back into the prime conductor, and leaving them once more
electrised negatively.

_Bring the excited tube under the threads, and they will diverge

Because more of their natural quantity is driven from them into the
prime conductor, and thereby their negative electricity increased.


_The prime conductor not being electrified, bring the excited tube
under the tassel, and the threads will diverge._

Part of their natural quantity is thereby driven out of them into the
prime conductor, and they become negatively electrised, and therefore
repel each other.

_Keeping the tube in the same place with one hand, attempt to touch
the threads with the finger of the other hand, and they will recede
from the finger._

Because the finger being plunged into the atmosphere of the glass
tube, as well as the threads, part of its natural quantity is
driven back through the hand and body, by that atmosphere, and the
finger becomes, as well as the threads, negatively electrised,
and so repels, and is repelled by them. To confirm this, hold a
slender light lock of cotton, two or three inches long, near a
prime conductor, that is electrified by a glass globe, or tube. You
will see the cotton stretch itself out towards the prime conductor.
Attempt to touch it with the finger of the other hand, and it will be
repelled by the finger. Approach it with a positively charged wire of
a bottle, and it will fly to the wire. Bring it near a negatively
charged wire of a bottle, it will recede from that wire in the same
manner that it did from the finger; which demonstrates the finger to
be negatively electrised, as well as the lock of cotton so situated.

_Turkey killed by Electricity_.--_Effect of a Shock on the Operator
in making the Experiment._

As Mr. Franklin, in a former letter to Mr. Collinson, mentioned his
intending to try the power of a

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