The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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faces of the stone where they could obtain the greatest breadth,
or some other advantage in the form. If any of these stones, in
their natural state, can be procured here, I think it would be
right to endeavour finding, before they are cut, the two sides that
contain the opposite powers, and make the faces there. Possibly, in
that case, the effects might be stronger, and more distinct; for
though both these stones that I have examined have evidently the
two properties, yet, without the full heat given by boiling water,
they are somewhat confused; the virtue seems strongest towards one
end of the face; and in the middle, or near the other end, scarce
discernible; and the negative, I think, always weaker than the

I have had the large one new cut, so as to make both sides alike,
and find the change of form has made no change of power, but the
properties of each side remain the same as I found them before. It
is now set in a ring in such a manner as to turn on an axis, that I
may conveniently, in making experiments, come at both side of the
stone. The little rim of gold it is set in, has made no alteration in
its effects. The warmth of my finger, when I wear it, is sufficient
to give it some degree of electricity, so that it is always ready to
attract light bodies.

The following experiments have satisfied me that M. Æpinus's account
of the positive and negative states of the opposite sides of the
heated tourmalin is well founded.

I heated the large stone in boiling water.

As soon as it was dry, I brought it near a very small cork ball, that
was suspended by a silk thread.

The ball was attracted by one face of the stone, which I call A, and
then repelled.

The ball in that state was also repelled by the positively charged
wire of a phial, and attracted by the other side of the stone, B.

The stone being a-fresh heated, and the side B brought near the ball,
it was first attracted, and presently after repelled by that side.

In this second state it was repelled by the negatively charged wire
of a phial.

Therefore, if the principles now generally received, relating to
positive and negative electricity, are true, the side A of the large
stone, when the stone is heated in water, is in a positive state of
electricity; and the side B, in a negative state.

The same experiments being made with the small stone stuck by one
edge on

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