The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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Introductory Letter. 169

Wonderful effect of points.--Positive and negative
electricity.--Electrical kiss.--Counterfeit spider.--Simple and
commodious electrical machine. 170

Observations on the Leyden bottle, with experiments proving the
different electrical state of its different surfaces. 179

Further experiments confirming the preceding observations.--Leyden
bottle analysed.--Electrical battery.--Magical Picture.--Electrical
wheel or jack.--Electrical feast. 187

Observations and suppositions, towards forming a new hypothesis,
for explaining the several phenomena of thunder-gusts. 203

Introductory letter to some additional papers. 216

Opinions and conjectures, concerning the properties and effects
of the electrical matter, and the means of preserving buildings,
ships, &c. from lightning, arising from experiments and
observations made at Philadelphia, 1749.--Golden fish.--Extraction
of effluvial virtues by electricity impracticable. 217

Additional experiments: proving that the Leyden bottle has no more
electrical fire in it when charged, than before: nor less when
discharged: that in discharging, the fire does not issue from the
wire and the coating at the same time, as some have thought, but
that the coating always receives what is discharged by the wire,
or an equal quantity: the outer surface being always in a negative
state of electricity, when the inner surface is in a positive

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

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Although the American owners of these copies did not allow them to be transcribed, Mr.
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) PASSY, Aug.
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Page 3
Pilatre du Rozier has seriously apply'd to the Academy for leave to go up with it, in order to make some Experiments.
Page 4
We have only at present the enclosed Pamphlet, which does not answer the expectation given us.
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Page 6
If those in the Gallery see it likely to descend in an improper Place, they can by throwing on more Straw, & renewing the Flame, make it rise again, and the Wind carries it farther.
Page 7
so high that they could not see them.
Page 8
If we do a foolish thing, we are the first to laugh at it ourselves, and are almost as much pleased with a _Bon Mot_ or a good _Chanson_, that ridicules well the Disappointment of a Project, as we might have been with its Success.
Page 9
--I purpose being present to-morrow at the Experiment, and shall give you an Acc^t of it by the Wednesday's Post.
Page 10
I had a Pocket Glass, with which I follow'd it, till I lost Sight, first of the Men, then of the Car, and when I last saw the Balloon, it appear'd no bigger than a Walnut.
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Page 12
In paragraph three, for "Post," in Smyth, read "Port;" in paragraph six for "Adventures," in Smyth, read "Adventurers;" in paragraph thirteen.
Page 13
_Letter of November 30.
Page 14
Pilatre du Rozier" should be "M.