The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 302

to a crafty statesman, 430.
to a young tradesman, 463.
to a young married man, 477.
to players at chess, 490.

_Æpinus_, his hypothesis of magnetism, i. 412.

_Agriculture_ takes place of manufactures till a country is fully settled,
iii. 107.
the great business of America, 393.

_Air_, some of the properties of, ii. 226.
its properties with respect to electricity, i. 204.
properties of its particles, 205. ii. 1.
its currents over the globe, i. 207.
resists the electric fluid and confines it to bodies, 241.
its effects in electrical experiments, 253.
its elasticity not affected by electricity, 254.
its friction against trees, 270, 323.
has its share of electricity, 333.
its electricity denser above than below, 335.
in rooms, electrified positively and negatively, 353.
attracts water, ii. 1.
when saturated with water precipitates it, 2.
dissolves water, and, when dry, oil, 4.
why suffocating, when impregnated with oil or grease, _ibid._
supports water, 5, 46, 49.
why less heated in the higher regions than near the earth's surface,
how it creates hurricanes, _ibid._
winds, 8.
whirlwinds, 10.
effects of heat upon, 50.
its effects on the barometer, 92.
condensed, supposed to form the centre of the earth, 119, 127.
noxious, corrected by vegetation, 129.
observations on the free use of, 213.

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That the parliament of England is at a great distance, subject to be misinformed and misled by such governors and councils, whose united interests might probably secure them against the effect of any complaint from hence.
Page 34
But it seems not of so much importance, whether the fighting be done by John or Thomas, or the tax paid by William or Charles.
Page 49
Solon and Lycurgus would make no figure in the same scene with the king of Prussia; and we are at present so lost in a military scramble on the continent next us, in which it must be confessed we are deeply interested, that we have scarce time to throw a glance towards America, where we have also much at stake, and where, if any where, our account must be made up at last.
Page 78
Thus our trade must, till that country becomes as fully peopled as England (that is for centuries to come) be continually increasing, and with it our naval power; because the ocean is between us and them, and our ships and seamen must increase as that trade increases.
Page 127
at the rates ascertained in the act of parliament made in the sixth of Queen Anne.
Page 133
They accordingly entered into a contract for the sale of the proprietary right of government to the crown, and actually received a sum in part of the consideration.
Page 139
The petition proceeds to say, "that such disagreements as have arisen in this province, we have beheld with sorrow; but as others around us are not exempted from the _like misfortunes_, we can by no means conceive them incident to the nature of our government, which hath _often_ been administered with remarkable harmony: and your majesty, before whom our late disputes have been laid, can be at no loss, in your great wisdom, to discover, whether they proceed from the above cause, or should be ascribed to some others.
Page 182
_ Does not the severity of the winter, in the northern colonies, occasion the wool to be of bad quality? _A.
Page 198
our author and his son voluntarily traversed the country, in order to.
Page 237
Suppose all _their_ complaints to be invented and promoted by a few factious demagogues, whom if you could catch and hang, all would be quiet.
Page 238
Page 345
And as you may be unacquainted with the following instances of his zeal and usefulness in promoting knowledge, which fell within my observation, I take the liberty of informing you, that in 1730, a subscription library being set on foot at Philadelphia, he encouraged the.
Page 359
I think it my duty to warn you: judge for yourselves.
Page 360
They have so much wealth and influence, if they would.
Page 368
Fifteen years have passed since the last account, and probably it may now amount to one half.
Page 392
force, may be unboundedly increased, 251.
Page 403
_ visibility of its infinitely small particles computed, ii.
Page 409
English and German, its provincial languages, _ib.
Page 420
_Watson_, Mr.