The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 307

on Franklin, i. 79.

_Braddock_, general, defeat of, i. 131.

_Bradford_, printer at Philadelphia, i. 34, 102.

_Brass_, hot, yields unwholesome steams, ii. 249

_Brientnal_, Joseph, a member of the Junto club, i. 83.

_Brimstone_, when fluid, will conduct electricity, i. 256.

_Bristol waters_, an alledged fact concerning, ii. 95.

_Britain_, incapacity of, to supply the colonies with manufactures,
ii. 386.

_British empire_, an union of several states, iii. 310.

_Brown_, Dr. acquaintance of Franklin's, i. 30.
travestied the bible, 31.

_Bubbles_ on the surface of water, hypothesis respecting, ii. 48.

_Buchan_, earl of, letter to, on the price of land for new settlements
in America, iii. 409.

_Buildings_, what kind safest from lightning, i. 379.

_Bullion_, causes of its variation in price, iii. 153.

_Bunyan's_ Voyages, a book early read by Franklin, i. 15, 28.

_Bur_, cause of, round a hole struck through pasteboard, i. 280.

_Burnet_, governor, his attention to Franklin in his youth, i. 44.

_Busy-body_, essays under the title of, i. 86. iii. 422.


_Cabinet-work_, veneered in England, shrinks and flies in America,
ii. 140.

_Cables_, why apt to part when weighing anchor in a swell, ii. 167.
this defect of, remedied, 168.

_Cabot_, Sebastian, his commission from Henry VII., iii. 348.

_Calvinism_, Franklin educated in the principles of, i. 79.

_Campaign_ in America, account of the first, iii. 357.

_Canals_, observations on their depth, ii. 159.

_Canada_, importance of, to England, i. 136.
visited by Franklin, 147.
its extent, iii. 20.
pamphlet on the importance of, 89.
easily peopled without draining Britain, 139.

_Cancers_, specific for, i. 260, 261.

_Candles_ lighted by electricity, i. 176.
distance at which the flame of, may be seen, ii. 90.

_Cann_, silver, a singular experiment on, i. 307.

_Canoes_ of the American

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Page 20
_ Many quarrels and wars have arisen between the colonies and Indian nations, through the bad conduct of traders, who cheat the Indians after making them drunk, &c.
Page 33
_Boston, Dec.
Page 38
That the first contributors to the amount of [___] guineas be empowered to choose a treasurer to receive the contribution.
Page 58
The old controversy renewed.
Page 113
By this means numbers of people became usurers with small sums, who could not have found persons to take such sums of them upon interest, giving good security; and would therefore not have thought of it; but would rather have employed the money in some business, if it had been money of the common kind.
Page 121
There are countries where the princely proprietor claims to be lord of all property; where what is your own shall not only be wrested from you, but the money you give to have it restored shall be kept with it; and your offering so much, being a sign of your being too rich, you shall be plundered of every thing that remained.
Page 124
As to their present claim, founded on that article, "that the best and most valuable of their lands, should be taxed no higher than the worst and least valuable of the people's," it was not _then_ thought of; they made no such demand; nor did any one dream that so iniquitous a claim would ever be made by men, who had the least pretence to the characters of honourable and honest.
Page 159
At the lower town, on Scioto .
Page 174
_ Was it not expected that the debt would have been sooner discharged? _A.
Page 188
Page 208
Page 254
" If by _peace_ is here meant, a peace to be entered into by distinct states, now at war; and his majesty has given your lordship powers to treat with us of such a peace, I may venture to say, though without authority, that I think a treaty for that purpose not quite impracticable, before we enter into foreign alliances.
Page 294
I was just then about to make myself a new suit of pinners, but in the fret and confusion I cut it quite out of all manner of shape, and utterly spoiled a piece of the first muslin.
Page 305
There is certainly something very bewitching in the pursuit after mines of.
Page 315
_ _Necessary Hints to those that would be Rich.
Page 337
One or two observations more will conclude this little piece.
Page 349
Page 356
"--These are not mere suppositions, for I have heard some talk in this strange manner.
Page 384
Page 415
_Societies_, of which Franklin was president, i.