The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 311

common in America, i. 113.
first suggestion of the utility of, 227.
construction of, 358.
particulars relating to, 377.
of electricity, difference in the action of, 200, 303.
which the most perfect, 253, 256.
and non-conductors, other terms substituted for, _ibid._
of common fire, their properties and differences, ii. 76, 77.
experiments on, ii. 77.

_Congress_, Franklin appointed a delegate to, i. 146.
proposed overture from, in 1775, iii. 347.

_Consecration_ of bells in France, form of, i. 384.

_Conspirators_, electrical, meaning of the term, i. 196.

_Controversy_, benefit of, iii. 92.

_Conversation_, advantage of useful topics of, at dinner, i. 12.

_Cook_, captain, circular letter concerning, iii. 515.
copy of the voyages of, presented to Franklin, by the Admiralty, 517.

Cookery, at sea, generally bad, ii. 194.

_Copper_, manner of covering houses with, ii. 318, 320, 322.

_Copper_ plate printing-press, the first in America, constructed by
Franklin, i. 77.

_Corn_, ill policy of laying restraints on the exportation of, ii. 413,

_Countries_, distant and unprovided, a plan for benefiting, ii. 403.

_Creation_, conjectures as to, ii. 118.

_Credit_, that of America and Britain in 1777, compared, iii. 372.
depends on payment of loans, 373.
industry and frugality, 374.
public spirit, 375.
income and security, 376.
prospects of future ability, _ibid._
prudence, 377.
character for honesty, 378.
is money to a tradesman, 464.

_Criminal_ laws, reflections on, ii. 439.

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Page 21
" They "reject all revelations as an imposition, and believe no more than what natural light discovers to them.
Page 39
Moreover, this attitude was in the public mind indissolubly associated with the Society.
Page 59
After his first political pamphlet, he widened his horizon from provincial to colonial affairs.
Page 79
He was aware of the potential danger of a complacent trust in natural impulses, which often lead to The love of sweet security in sin.
Page 145
_Benjamin Franklin in Oil and Bronze.
Page 183
He ask'd me a few Questions, put a Composing Stick in my Hand to see how I work'd, and then said he would employ me soon, tho' he had just then nothing for me to do.
Page 194
He himself had nothing to produce.
Page 203
Denham, with whom I often spent an Hour, when I had Leisure.
Page 257
every Day with Folly and Impertinence, while I am confident, had they the Advantages of Education equal to us, they would be guilty of less than our selves.
Page 294
There are a Set of Great Names in the Province, who are the common Objects of Popular Dislike.
Page 353
The Merchant may thereby be enabled better to understand many Commodities in Trade; the Handicraftsman to improve his Business by new Instruments, Mixtures and Materials; and frequently Hints are given of new Manufactures, or new Methods of improving Land, that may be set on foot greatly to the Advantage of a Country.
Page 357
What then? Is not Example more prevalent than Precept? And may not the honest rough British Gentry, by a Familiarity with these Reptiles, learn to _creep_, and to _insinuate_, and to _slaver_, and to _wriggle_ into Place (and perhaps to _poison_ such as stand in their Way) Qualities of no small Advantage to Courtiers! In comparison of which 'IMPROVEMENT and PUBLICK UTILITY,' what is a.
Page 434
_| | 20 | 24 | [Sextile] [Mars] [Venus] | | 21 |[Pisces] 6 | [Sun] in [Cancer] | | 22 | 18 | _He that best understands_| | 23 |[Aries] 0 | _the_ | | 24 | 12 | [Conjunction] [Moon] [Mars] [Opposition] | | | | [Sun] [Saturn] | | 25 | 25 | .
Page 457
_ | | 26 |[Leo] 6 | [Moon] w.
Page 476
_cold rain,_ | 6 46 | 5 14 | | 30 | 3 | _and wind.
Page 497
_flying clouds,_| 7 25 | 4 35 | | 16 | G |3d in Advent.
Page 510
Ecliptick, [Mercury] Orb of _Mercury_.
Page 582
I send it you now, because I apprehend some late incidents are likely to revive the contest between the two countries.
Page 584
The reasons given by the Assembly to the Governor, for the refusal, are, that they understand the act to mean the furnishing such things to soldiers, only while on their march through the country, and not to great bodies of soldiers, to be fixt as at present, in the province; the burthen in the latter case being greater than the inhabitants can bear: That it would put it in the power of the Captain-General to oppress the province at pleasure, &c.
Page 743
For invention and improvement are prolific, and beget more of their kind.