The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 315

portable one, described, 178.
matter, its properties, 217, 294.
party of pleasure, 202.
phial, or Leyden bottle, its phenomena explained, 179.
shock, observations on, 182.
effects of a strong one on the human body, 297, 306.
spark, perforates a quire of paper, 195.
wheel, its construction, 196.
self-moving one, 198.

_Electricity_, summary of its progress, i. 104.
positive and negative, discovered, 106.
distinguished, 175.
in a tourmalin, 370.
does not affect the elasticity of the air, 254.
its similarity to lightning, 288.
its effects on paralysis, 401.
of fogs in Ireland, 405.
supposed affinity between, and magnetism, 410.

_Electrics per se_ and non-electrics, difference between, i. 242, 258.

_Electrified_ bumpers described, i. 203.

_Electrisation_, what constitutes the state of, i. 218.
various appearances of, 175.
variety of, 176.

_Electrising_ one's self, manner of, i. 174.

_Elocution_, how best taught, ii. 374.

_Embassador_ from the United States to France, Franklin appointed to the
office of, i. 148.

_Emblematical_ design illustrative of the American troubles, iii. 371.

_Emigrants_ to America, advice to, iii. 398.

_Empire_, rules for reducing a great one, iii. 334.

_England_, Franklin's first arrival in, i. 55.
second arrival in, as agent for the province of Pensylvania, 134.
third arrival in, as agent for the same province, 141.
its air moister than that of America, ii. 140.
decrease of population in, doubtful, 296.

_English_, effect of the ancient manners of, ii. 399.
language, innovations

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Page 2
That felicity, when I reflected on it, has induced me sometimes to say, that were it offered to my choice, I should have no objection to a repetition of the same life from its beginning, only asking the advantages authors have in a second edition to correct some faults of the first.
Page 11
My father at last fixed upon the cutler's trade, and my uncle Benjamin's son Samuel, who was bred to that business in London, being about that time established in Boston, I was sent to be with him some time on liking.
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This bookish inclination at length determined my father to make me a printer, though he had already one son (James) of that profession.
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At this time (1771) there are not less than five-and-twenty.
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We therefore had many disputations.
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These two friends were William Coleman and Robert Grace.
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The match was indeed looked upon as invalid, a preceding wife being said to be living in England; but this could not easily be prov'd, because of the distance; and, tho' there was a report of his death, it was not certain.
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I am sure, however, that the life and the treatise I allude to (on the Art of Virtue) will necessarily fulfil the chief of my expectations; and still more so if you take up the measure of suiting these performances to the several views above stated.
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The institution soon manifested its utility, was imitated by other towns, and in other provinces.
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and { } breakfast.
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I had not been early accustomed to it, and, having an exceeding good memory, I was not so sensible of the inconvenience attending want of method.
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What reverses may attend the remainder is in the hand of Providence; but, if they arrive, the reflection on past happiness enjoy'd ought to help his bearing them with more resignation.
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He said that it had been propos'd among them, but not agreed to, for this reason: "When we were first drawn together as a society," says he, "it had pleased God to enlighten our minds so far as to see that some doctrines, which we once esteemed truths, were errors; and that others, which we had esteemed errors, were real truths.
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: I.
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1 kegg containing 20 lbs.
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I gave him a commission, and, parading the garrison, had it read before them, and introduc'd him to them as an officer who, from his skill in military affairs, was much more fit to command them than myself; and, giving them a little exhortation, took my leave.
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Another paquet arriv'd; she too was detain'd; and, before we sail'd, a fourth was expected.
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The proprietaries justify'd their conduct as well as they could, and I the Assembly's.
Page 158
of the Attorney and Solicitor-General.
Page 160
1733 Begins to study French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin.