The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 319

of, the common cause of the state,
iii. 109.

_Frugality_, advantages of, ii. 397.
observance of, in America, iii. 374

_Fruit-walls_, blacking them recommended, ii. 110.

_Fuel_, scarce in Philadelphia, ii. 225.

_Fulling-mills_ in America, iii. 270.

_Fusion_, cold, of metals, supposed, i. 215.
proves a mistake, 339.
error respecting it acknowledged, 355.


_Galloway_, Mr, preface to his speech, iii. 163.

_Garnish-money_, practice among printers of demanding it, i. 63.

_Gauger_, M. his invention for fire-places, ii. 232.

_Genealogy_ of the Franklin family, i. 5.

_German_ stoves, advantages and disadvantages of, ii. 234.

_Germany_, why the several states of, encourage foreign manufactures in
preference to those of each other, iii. 118. note.

_Gilding_, its properties as a conductor, i. 201.
the effects of lightning and of electricity on, 229.
fails as a conductor after a few shocks, 231.

_Glass_, has always the same quantity of electrical fire, i. 191.
possesses the whole power of giving a shock, 192, 247.
in panes, when first used in an electrical experiment, 193, 194.
great force in small portions of, 199.
impermeable to the electric fluid, 234, 310.
strongly attracts the electric fluid, 236.
cannot be electrified negatively, _ibid._
its opposite surfaces, how affected, _ibid._
its component parts and pores extremely fine, 237.
manner of its operation in producing electricity, _ibid._
its elasticity, to what owing, 239.
thick, resists a change of the quantity of electricity of its
different sides, 242.
rod of, will not conduct a shock, _ibid._
when fluid, or red hot, will conduct electricity,

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Page 11
3 from the bottom: for into, read into which.
Page 15
My mother, the second wife, was Abiah Folger, daughter of Peter Folger, one of the first colonists of New England, of whom Cotton Mather makes honourable mention, in his Ecclesiastical History of that province, as "_a pious and learned Englishman_," if I rightly recollect his expressions.
Page 23
When about sixteen years of age, a work of Tyron's fell into my hands, in which he recommends vegetable diet.
Page 63
They took me to their houses, introduced me to their friends, and treated me with the greatest civility; while Keimer, though master, saw himself a little neglected.
Page 98
Whilst marching to take possession of the post at the junction of the Allegany and Monongahela, he was informed that the French had already erected a fort there.
Page 100
Finding that they would harken to no terms of accommodation, he laid his petition before the Council.
Page 112
The following epitaph on himself, was written by him many years previous to his death:-- THE BODY OF _BENJAMIN.
Page 173
--Gunpowder fired by the electric Flame.
Page 180
Perhaps the _auroræ boreales_ are currents of this fluid in its own region, above our atmosphere, becoming from their motion visible.
Page 185
I observe that the stream or brush of fire, appearing at the end of a wire, connected with the conductor, is long, large, and much diverging, when the glass globe is used, and makes a snapping (or rattling) noise: but when the sulphur one is used, it is short, small, and makes a hissing noise; and just the reverse of both happens, when you hold the same wire in your hand, and the globes are worked alternately: the brush is large, long, diverging, and snapping (or rattling) when the sulphur globe is turned; short, small, and hissing, when the glass globe is turned.
Page 215
The spire was split all to pieces by the lightning, and the parts flung in all directions over the square in which the church stood, so that nothing remained above the bell.
Page 246
They would only be heated in proportion as such separation could be more easily made.
Page 257
I heated the large one in boiling water.
Page 280
To prove whether this was actually the case or not, I ground one of my phials in a part where it was extremely thin, grinding it considerably beyond the middle, and very near to the opposite superficies, as I found, upon breaking it after the experiment.
Page 309
have little more solidity than fogs, _ibid.
Page 312
_Denny_, governor, remarks on his official conduct in Pensylvania, iii.
Page 322
the debts from, must be left to honour, 220.
Page 324
Page 330
_ on moral subjects, iii.
Page 340
_Vegetation_, effects of, on noxious air, ii.