The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 322

river, winds there, ii. 52, 59.

_Hunters_, require much land to subsist on, ii. 384.

_Hurricanes_, how produced, ii. 7.
why cold in hot climates, _ibid._

_Hutchinson_, governor, cause of the application for his removal,
iii. 323.
account of the letters of, 331, 551.

_Hygrometer_, best substances for forming one, ii. 136.
mahogany recommended for forming one, 141.

I. J.

_Jackson_, Mr. remarks on population by, ii. 392.

_Jamaica_, its vacant lands not easily made sugar lands, iii. 140.

_Javelle_, his machinery for moving boats, ii. 177.

_Ice_ will not conduct an electric shock, i. 201.

_Ice-islands_, dangerous to shipping, ii. 176.

_Idleness_, the heaviest tax on mankind, ii. 411, iii. 454.
encouraged by charity, ii. 422.
reflections on, iii. 428.

_Jefferson_, Mr. letter from, on the character of Franklin, iii. 545.

_Jesuits_, hostility of the Indians in America excited by, iii. 95.

_Ignorance_, a frank acknowledgment of, commendable, i. 308.

_Imports_ into Pensylvania from Britain before 1766, iii. 250.

_Impress_ of seamen, notes on Judge Foster's argument in favour of,
ii. 437.

_Inarticulation_ in modern singing, censured, ii. 348.

_Increase_ of mankind, observations on, ii. 383, and _seq._
what prevented by, 386, 387.
how promoted, 388, 389.
further observations on, 393.

_Indemnification_, just ground for requiring cessions from an enemy,
iii. 93.

_Independence_, soon acquired in America, iii. 402.

_Indian trade_ and affairs, remarks on a plan for the future management
of, iii. 216.
spirituous liquors the great encouragement of, 219.
the debts from, must be left to honour, 220.
not an American but a British interest, 275.

_Indians_, of North America, a number of, murdered,

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Page 10
Deborah Franklin (June 27, 1760),.
Page 13
363 To William Franklin (October 6, 1773), 371 Preface to "An Abridgment of the Book of Common Prayer" (1773), 374 A Parable against Persecution, 379 A Parable on Brotherly Love, 380 To William Strahan (July 5, 1775), 381 To Joseph Priestley (July 7, 1775), 382 To a Friend in England (October 3, 1775), 383 To Lord Howe (July 30, 1776), 384 The Sale of the Hessians (1777), 387 Model of a Letter of Recommendation (April 2, 1777), 389 To ---- (October 4, 1777), .
Page 92
Page 104
See also VI, 39-40.
Page 109
" For proof that Franklin's fear expressed in _Plain Truth_ was not idle see _Extracts from Chief Justice William Allen's Letter Book_, 17, 22-3, 25, 31-2.
Page 120
The doctrine of the Trinity "is one of the most nice Inventions that ever the subtlest Virtuoso constru'd to puzzle the Wit of Man with" (p.
Page 207
He went directly, sign'd the Indentures, was put into the Ship and came over; never writing a Line to acquaint his Friends what was become of him.
Page 257
_Alas-a-day!_ What shall we say in this Case! Why truly, if Women are proud, it is certainly owing to the Men still; for if they will be such _Simpletons_ as to humble themselves at their Feet, and fill their credulous Ears with extravagant Praises of their Wit, Beauty, and other Accomplishments (perhaps where there are none too,) and when Women are by this Means perswaded that they are Something more than humane, what Wonder is it, if they carry themselves haughtily, and live extravagantly.
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| | 7 | 16 | [Venus] rise 2 27 | | 8 | 29 | _He that is of_ | | 9 |[Scorpio] 12 | [Quartile] [Jupiter] [Mars] [Conjunction] | | | | [Jupiter][Mercury] | | 10 | 25 | _Opinion Money_ | | 11 |[Sagittarius] 8 | _will do every_ | | 12 | 20 | [Saturn] sou.
Page 507
[Illustration] West.
Page 525
SIR, Since the conversation your Excellency was pleased to honour me with, on the subject of _uniting the colonies_ more intimately with Great Britain, by allowing them _representatives in parliament_, I have something further considered that matter, and am of opinion, that such a union would be very acceptable to the colonies, provided they had a reasonable number of representatives allowed them; and that all the old acts of Parliament restraining the trade or cramping the manufactures of the colonies be at the same time repealed, and the British subjects _on this side the water_ put, in those respects, on the same footing with those in Great Britain, till the new Parliament, representing the whole, shall think it for the interest of the whole to reenact some or all of them.
Page 556
DEBORAH FRANKLIN London, June 27, 1760.
Page 584
Their refusal is here called _Rebellion_, and punishment is thought of.
Page 643
Page 698
In this Faith let you & I, my dear Friend, comfort ourselves; it is the only Comfort, in the present dark Scene of Things, that is allow'd us.
Page 744
Many still retained an Affection for Egypt, the Land of their Nativity; and these, whenever they felt any Inconvenience or Hardship, tho' the natural and unavoidable Effect of their.
Page 754
With this you will receive some of the first numbers.
Page 765
The Greeks celebrated the Scythians for it.
Page 777
William Temple Franklin observes that _The Way to Wealth_ "is supposed to have greatly contributed to the formation of that _national character_ they [people of America] have since exhibited" (1818 ed.
Page 787
He confesses (Nov.