The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 323

i. 139.
often excited by the French against the English, iii. 95.
list of fighting men in the different nations of, 221.
difference of their warfare from that of Europeans, 100.
remarks concerning, 383.
their mode of life, 384.
public councils, 385.
politeness in conversation, 386.
rules in visiting, 388.

_Industry_, effects of Franklin's, i. 85.
the cause of plenty, ii. 396.
essential to the welfare of a people, 411.
relaxed by cheapness of provisions, 415.
a greater portion of, in every nation, than of idleness, 396, 429,
iii. 396.
its prevalence in America, iii. 373.

_Inflammability_ of the surface of rivers, ii. 130.

_Inland_ commerce, instances of, iii. 120.

_Innovations_ in language and printing, ii. 351.

_Inoculation_, letter on the deaths occasioned by, ii. 215.
success of, in Philadelphia, 216, 217.

_Insects_, utility of the study of, ii. 93.

_Interrogation_, the mark of, how to be placed, ii. 356.

_Invention_, the faculty of, its inconveniences, i. 308.

_Inventions_, new, generally scouted, _ibid._

_Journal_ of a voyage, crossing the gulph-stream, ii. 199.
from Philadelphia to France, 200, 201.
from the channel to America, 202, _et seq._

_Iron_ contained in the globe, renders it a great magnet, ii. 119.
query whether it existed at the creation, 126.
hot, gives no bad smell, 247.
yields no bad vapours, 248.
rods, erected for experiments on the clouds, i. 270.
conduct more lightning in proportion to their thickness, 282.

_Islands_ far from a continent have little thunder, i. 216.

_Italic_ types, use

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Text Comparison with Experiments and Observations on Electricity Made at Philadelphia in America

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--The light of a bright coal from.
Page 8
_ This experiment should be made in a closet where the air is very still.
Page 12
See s.
Page 13
But the spring.
Page 18
it, did not seem in the least to retard its motion.
Page 21
CONTAINING OBSERVATIONS _and_ SUPPOSITIONS, _towards forming a new_ HYPOTHESIS, _for explaining the several_ Phaenomena _of_ THUNDER-GUSTS.
Page 24
If much loaded, the electrical fire is at once taken from the whole cloud; and, in leaving it, flashes brightly and cracks loudly; the particles instantly coalescing for want of that fire, and falling in a heavy shower.
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Page 29
And accordingly some old sea-captains, of whom enquiry has been made, do affirm, that the fact agrees perfectly with the hypothesis; for that, in crossing the great ocean, they seldom meet with thunder till they come into soundings; and that the islands far from the continent have very little of it.
Page 32
Thus if a body shaped as A, B, C, D, E, in Fig.
Page 34
And as in plucking the hairs from the horse's tail, a degree of strength insufficient to pull away a handful at once, could yet easily strip it hair by hair; so a blunt body presented cannot draw off a number of particles at once, but a pointed one, with no greater force, takes them away easily, particle by particle.
Page 35
is it of much importance to us, to know the manner in which nature executes her laws; 'tis enough if we know the laws themselves.
Page 41
For if you take it by the tail, and hold it at a foot or greater horizontal distance from the prime conductor, it will, when let go, fly to it with a brisk but wavering motion, like that of an eel through the water; it will then take place under the prime conductor, at perhaps a quarter or half an inch distance, and keep a continual shaking of its tail like a fish, so that it seems animated.
Page 43
We cannot lessen or increase its whole quantity, for the quantity it has it holds; and it has as much as it can hold.
Page 48
I likewise put into a phial, instead of water,.
Page 50
Now if the fire discharged from the inside surface of the bottle through its wire, remained on the prime conductor, the balls would be electrified and recede from each other.
Page 52
With Remarks on the Intentional End of Comets, and the Nature and Design of Saturn's Ring.