The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 324

of, in printing, ii. 355.

_Judges_, mode of their appointment in America, in 1768, iii. 23.

_Junto._ See _Club_.


_Keimer_, a connection of Franklin's, some account of, i. 35, 70, 93.

_Keith_, sir William, Franklin patronized by, i. 39.
deceived by, 54.
character of, 57.

_Kinnersley_, Mr. electrical experiments by, i. 261, _et seq._, 331.

_Kiss_, electrical, i. 177.

_Kite_ used to draw electricity from the clouds, i. 108.
electrical, described, i. 268.

_Knobs_, not so proper as points, for conducting lightning, i. 359.


_Labour_, why it will long continue dear in America, ii. 385.
its advantages, 427, 428.

_Land_, terms on which it may be obtained in America, by settlers,
iii. 409.

_Landing_ in a surf, supposed practicable, how, ii. 154.
tried without success, 155.

_Language_, remarks on innovations in, ii. 351, _et seq._

_Laughers_, satyrized, iii. 425.

_Law_, the old courts of, in the colonies, as ample in their powers, as
those in England, iii. 304.

_Law-expenses_, no discouragement to law-suits, iii. 270.

_Law-stamps_, a tax on the poor, iii. 269.

_Lead_, effects of, on the human constitution, ii. 219.

_Leaks_ in ships, why water enters by them most rapidly at first, ii. 109.
means to prevent their being fatal, 170.

_Leather_ globe, proposed, instead of glass, for electrical experiments,
i. 267.

_Left_ hand, a petition from, iii. 483.

_Leg_, handsome and deformed, humourous anecdote of, iii. 437.

_Legal_ tender of paper-money, its advantages, iii. 150.
further remarks on, 151.

_Lending_ money, new mode of, iii. 463.

_Letter-founding_ effected by Franklin in America, i. 74.

_Leutmann_, J. G. extract from his vulcanus famulans, ii. 298.

_Leyden_ bottle, its phenomena explained, i. 179.
analysed, 192.
experiment to prove

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Page 2
To which I have besides some other inducements.
Page 21
De Foe in his Cruso, his Moll Flanders, Religious Courtship, Family Instructor, and other pieces, has imitated it with success; and Richardson has done the same, in his Pamela, etc.
Page 30
I had shown an obliging readiness to do her some little services, which impress'd her I suppose with a degree of good will toward me; therefore, when she saw a daily growing familiarity between me and the two young women, which they appear'd to encourage, she took me aside, and said: "Young man, I am concern'd for thee, as thou has no friend with thee, and seems not to know much of the world, or of the snares youth is expos'd to; depend upon it, those are very bad women; I can see it in all their actions; and if thee art not upon thy guard, they will draw thee into some danger; they are strangers to thee, and I advise thee, in a friendly concern for thy welfare, to have no acquaintance with them.
Page 32
He was ready to die with vexation, and obstinately would not promise to row.
Page 50
George Webb, an Oxford scholar, whose time for four years he had likewise bought, intending him for a compositor, of whom more presently; and David Harry, a country boy, whom he had taken apprentice.
Page 51
I told him his wish was unnecessary, for I would leave him that instant; and so, taking my hat, walk'd out of doors, desiring Meredith, whom I saw below, to take care of some things I left, and.
Page 59
Bradford still printed the votes, and laws, and other publick business.
Page 62
I began now gradually to pay off the debt I was under for the printing-house.
Page 73
So few were the readers at that time in Philadelphia, and the majority of us so poor, that I was not able, with great industry, to find more than fifty persons, mostly young tradesmen, willing to pay down for this purpose forty shillings each, and ten shillings per annum.
Page 85
In truth, I found myself incorrigible with respect to Order; and now I am grown old, and my memory bad, I feel very sensibly the want of it.
Page 90
I considered.
Page 97
to those young men who may be employ'd in managing affairs for others, that they should always render accounts, and make remittances, with great clearness and punctuality.
Page 100
The application was unfortunately [made] to perhaps the only man in the company who had the firmness not to be affected by the preacher.
Page 119
From the slowness I saw at first in her working, I could scarce believe that the work was done so soon, and sent my servant to examine it, who reported that the whole street was swept perfectly clean, and all the dust plac'd in the gutter, which was in the middle; and the next rain wash'd it quite away, so that the pavement and even the kennel were perfectly clean.
Page 123
He had been brought up to it from a boy, his father, as I have heard, accustoming his children to dispute with one another for his diversion, while sitting at table after dinner; but I think the practice was not wise; for, in the course of my observation, these disputing,.
Page 128
"Friends and Countrymen, "Being occasionally at the camp at Frederic a few days since, I found the general and officers extremely exasperated on account of their not being supplied with horses and carriages, which had been expected from this province, as most able to furnish them; but, through the dissensions between our governor and Assembly, money had not been provided, nor any steps taken for that purpose.
Page 129
"The service will be light and easy, for the army will scarce march above twelve miles per day, and the waggons and baggage-horses, as they carry those things that are absolutely necessary to the welfare of the army, must march with the army, and no faster; and are, for the army's sake, always placed where they can be most secure, whether in a march or in a camp.
Page 132
But I ventur'd only to say, "To be sure, sir, if you arrive well before Duquesne, with these fine troops, so well provided with artillery, that place not yet compleatly fortified, and as we hear with no very strong garrison, can probably make but a short resistance.
Page 147
, etc.
Page 153
While we stood there, the ship mended her pace, and soon left her neighbour far behind, which prov'd clearly what our captain suspected, that she was loaded too much by the head.