The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 332

seminary there, instituted by Franklin, 116 to 127.
state of the public bank at, iii. 551*.

_Phytolacca_, or poke weed, a specific for cancers, i. 261.

_Picture_, magical, described, i. 195.

_Plain_ truth, Franklin's first political pamphlet, iii. 524.

_Plan_ for benefiting distant countries, ii. 403.
for settling two western colonies, iii. 41.
for the management of Indian affairs, remarks on, 216.
for improving the condition of the free blacks, 519.

_Planking_ of ships, improvement in, ii. 189.

_Pleurisy_, Franklin attacked by, i. 71, 154.

_Plus_ and minus electricity, in the Leyden bottle, i. 181.
in other bodies, 185.

_Pointed_ rods, secure buildings from lightning, i. 283, 381.
experiments and observations on, 388.
objections to, answered, 395, 396.

_Points_, their effects, i. 170.
property of, explained, 223.
experiment showing the effect of, on the clouds, 283.
mistake respecting, 310.

_Poke-weed_, a cure for cancers, i. 260, 261.

_Polarity_ given to needles by electricity, i. 248.

_Poles_ of the earth, if changed, would produce a deluge, ii. 127.

_Political_ fragments, ii. 411.

_Polypus_, a nation compared to, ii. 391.

_Poor_, remarks on the management of, ii. 418.
the better provided for, the more idle, 422.

_Poor_ Richard, maxims of, iii. 453.

_Pope_, criticism on two of his lines, i. 23.

_Population_, observations on, ii. 383.
causes which diminish it, 386.
occasional vacancies in, soon filled by natural generation, 390.
rate of its increase in America, 385. iii. 113, 250, 254.
why it increases faster there, than in England, iii. 255.

_Positions_ concerning national wealth, ii. 408.

_Positiveness_, impropriety of, ii. 318.

_Postage_, not a tax, but payment for a service, iii. 265.
state of, in America, in 1766, 279.

_Post-master_, and deputy post-master general, Franklin appointed to the

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

Page 0
The recent bi-centenary of Franklin's birth, which coincided with the revival of interest in balloons, makes this a timely topic, especially since Franklin's descriptions of the first balloon ascensions are almost unknown and do not appear among his philosophical papers.
Page 1
There it was held down by a Cord till 5 in the afternoon, when it was to be let loose.
Page 2
There was some Wind, but not very strong.
Page 3
It contains 50,000 cubic Feet, and is supposed to have Force of Levity equal to 1500 pounds weight.
Page 4
That of the Balloon raised at Versailles is said to be an exact representation.
Page 5
) PASSY, Nov^r 21st, 1783 Dear Sir, I received your friendly Letter of the 7th Inst.
Page 6
_ That is against the Trees of one of the Walks.
Page 7
_Developpant du Gaz.
Page 8
This Experience is by no means a trifling one.
Page 9
) PASSY, Dec.
Page 10
I shall inclose one of the Tickets of Admission, on which the Globe was represented, as originally intended, but.
Page 11
Page 12
Le Taffetas etoit roussi aux deux Extremites.
Page 13
_Letter of December 1.
Page 14
16, "Bart.