The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 334

i. 125.
spirit, manifest in England, iii. 91.
different opinion respecting it expressed, 375.

_Punctuality_ of America in the payment of public debts, iii. 373.

_Puckridge_, Mr. inventor of musical glasses, i. 136.


_Quaker-lady_, good advice of one to Franklin in his youth, i. 42.

_Quakers_, persecution of, in New England, ii. 454.
proportion of, in Pensylvania, iii. 249.

_Quebec_, remarks on the enlargement of the province of, iii. 20, note.

_Queries_ concerning light, i. 258.
proposed at the Junto club, ii. 366.
from Mr. Strahan, on the American disputes, iii. 287.

_Questions_ discussed by the Junto club, ii. 369.


_Rain_, how produced, i. 207.
generally brings down electricity, 292.
why never salt, ii. 32.
different quantities of, falling at different heights, 133.

_Ralph_, James, a friend of Franklin's, i. 50, 53, 54, 57, 60.

_Rarefaction_ of the air, why greater in the upper regions, ii. 6.

_Read_, maiden name of Franklin's wife, i. 33, 37, 49, 54, 59, 70, 96.

_Reading_, Franklin's early passion for, i. 15, 16.
how best taught, ii. 372.
advice to youth respecting, 378.

_Recluse_, a Roman Catholic one, in London, i. 65.

_Red_ and green, relation between the colours of, ii. 341.

_Regimen_, sudden alterations of, not prejudicial, i. 49.

_Religious_ sect, new one, intended establishment of, i. 48.

_Repellency_, electrical, how destroyed, i. 172.

_Representation_, American, in the British parliament, thoughts on,
iii. 37, 243.

_Repulsion_, electrical, the doctrine of, doubted, i. 333.
considerations in support of, 349.

_Revelation_, doubted by Franklin in his youth, i. 79.

_Rhode-Island_, purchased for a pair of spectacles, iii. 21.
its population at three periods, iii. 129.

_Rich_, hints to those that would be, iii. 466.

_Ridicule_, delight of the prince of Condé in, iii. 424.

_Rivers_, from the Andes, how

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

Page 0
The five letters which I have the honor to present were written to Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society of London, in 1783, when Franklin was Minister to the Court of France and, with the collateral documents, they give perhaps the most complete and accurate account of the beginning of aerial navigation, enlivened with the humor and speculation characteristic of the writer.
Page 1
The letter dated November 30, appears never to have been printed and whereas Smyth reproduced the letter of November 21 from the University of Pennsylvania draft, this or another draft (or possibly this copy) was in the possession of the French aeronaut, Gaston Tissandier, about 1887.
Page 2
A Note secur'd from the Weather had been affix'd to the Globe, signifying the Time & Place of its Departure, and praying those who might happen to find it, to send an account of its State to certain Persons at Paris.
Page 3
A Philosopher here, M.
Page 4
So vast a Bulk when it began to rise so majestically in the Air struck the spectators with surprise and Admiration.
Page 5
If I am well at the Time, I purpose to be present, being a subscriber myself, and shall send you an exact Account of Particulars.
Page 6
_ That is against the Trees of one of the Walks.
Page 7
But the Expence of this Machine, Filling included, will exceed, it is said, 10,000 Livres.
Page 8
These Machines must always be subject to be driven by the Winds.
Page 9
Page 10
The Wind was very little, so that the Object, tho' moving to the Northward, continued long in View; and it was a great while before the admiring People began to disperse.
Page 11
Les Voyageurs ont assure n'avoir eprouve que des Sensations agreables dans leur traversee.
Page 12
" Part of the valedictory and the signature are omitted by Bigelow and Smyth, but the former gives an "Extract of the Proposals" for the balloon of which I have no copy.
Page 13
_ This has never been published so far as I know.
Page 14
16, there are several missing accents that might have been in the original French document, in "desorientes", "operation", "deja", "depart", "detache" and "extremites".