The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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well off as to provisions, as we had the advantage of the
whole of Mr. Hamilton's, who had laid in a very plentiful stock.
During the passage, Mr. Denham contracted a friendship for me, which
ended only with his life: in other respects the voyage was by no
means an agreeable one, as we had much bad weather.

When we arrived in the river, the captain was as good as his word,
and allowed me to search in the bag for the governor's letters. I
could not find a single one with my name written on it, as committed
to my care; but I selected six or seven, which I judged from the
direction to be those that were intended for me; particularly one to
Mr. Basket the king's printer, and another to a stationer, who was
the first person I called upon. I delivered him the letter as coming
from governor Keith. "I have no acquaintance (said he) with any such
person;" and opening the letter, "Oh, it is from Riddlesden!" he
exclaimed. "I have lately discovered him to be a very arrant knave,
and wish to have nothing to do either with him or his letters." He
instantly put the letter into my hand, turned upon his heel, and left
me, to serve some customers.

I was astonished at finding these letters were not from the governor.
Reflecting, and putting circumstances together, I then began to doubt
his sincerity. I rejoined my friend Denham, and related the whole
affair to him. He let me at once into Keith's character, told me
there was not the least probability of his having written a single
letter; that no one who knew him ever placed any reliance on him, and
laughed at my credulity in supposing that the governor would give me
a letter of credit, when he had no credit for himself. As I showed
some uneasiness respecting what step I should take, he advised me to
try to get employment in the house of some printer. You may there,
said he, improve yourself in business, and you will be able to settle
yourself the more advantageously when you return to America.

We knew already as well as the stationer, attorney Riddlesden to be
a knave. He had nearly ruined the father of Miss Read, by drawing
him in to be his security. We learned from his letter, that he was
secretly carrying on an intrigue, in concert with the governor, to
the prejudice of Mr. Hamilton, who it was supposed would by this
time be in Europe. Denham, who was Hamilton's friend, was of

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