The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 53

continue all their lives
in a state of voluntary wretchedness and poverty.

At the end of a few weeks, Watts having occasion for me above stairs
as a compositor, I quitted the press. The compositors demanded of me
garnish money a-fresh. This I considered as an imposition, having
already paid below. The master was of the same opinion, and desired
me not to comply. I thus remained two or three weeks out of the
fraternity. I was consequently looked upon as excommunicated; and
whenever I was absent, no little trick that malice could suggest
was left unpractised upon me. I found my letters mixed, my pages
transposed, my matter broken, &c. &c. all which was attributed to
the spirit that haunted the chapel,[4] and tormented those who were
not regularly admitted. I was at last obliged to submit to pay,
notwithstanding the protection of the master; convinced of the folly
of not keeping up a good understanding with those among whom we are
destined to live.

After this I lived in the utmost harmony with my fellow-labourers,
and soon acquired considerable influence among them. I proposed
some alterations in the laws of the chapel, which I carried without
opposition. My example prevailed with several of them to renounce
their abominable practice of bread and cheese with beer; and they
procured, like me, from a neighbouring house, a good basin of warm
gruel, in which was a small slice of butter, with toasted bread and
nutmeg. This was a much better breakfast, which did not cost more
than a pint of beer, namely, three halfpence, and at the same time
preserved the head clearer. Those who continued to gorge themselves
with beer, often lost their credit with the publican, from neglecting
to pay their score. They had then recourse to me, to become security
for them; _their light_, as they used to call it, _being out_.
I attended at the pay-table every Saturday evening, to take up
the little sum which I had made myself answerable for; and which
sometimes amounted to nearly thirty shillings a-week.

This circumstance, added to my reputation of being a tolerable good
_gabber_, or, in other words, skilful in the art of burlesque, kept
up my importance in the chapel. I had besides recommended myself to
the esteem of my master by my assiduous application to business,
never observing Saint Monday. My extraordinary quickness in composing
always procured me such work as was most urgent, and which is
commonly best paid; and thus my time passed away in a very pleasant

My lodging in Little Britain being too far from the printing-house,
I took another in

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