The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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the citizens against the midnight robber, and to
give an immediate alarm in case of fire. This duty is, perhaps, one
of the most important that can be committed to any set of men. The
regulations, however, were not sufficiently strict. Franklin saw the
dangers arising from this cause, and suggested an alteration, so as
to oblige the guardians of the night to be more watchful over the
lives and property of the citizens. The propriety of this was
immediately perceived, and a reform was effected.

There is nothing more dangerous to growing cities than fires. Other
causes operate slowly, and almost imperceptibly; but these in a
moment render abortive the labours of ages. On this account there
should be, in all cities, ample provisions to prevent fires from
spreading. Franklin early saw the necessity of these; and, about
the year 1728, formed the first fire company in this city. The
example was soon followed by others; and there are now numerous fire
companies in the city and liberties. To these may be attributed in
a great degree the activity in extinguishing fires, for which the
citizens of Philadelphia are distinguished, and the inconsiderable
damage this city has sustained from this cause. Some time after,
Franklin suggested the plan for an association for insuring houses
from losses by fire, which was adopted; and the association continues
to this day. The advantages experienced from it have been great.

From the first settlement of Pennsylvania, a spirit of dispute
appears to have prevailed among its inhabitants. During the life-time
of William Penn, the constitution had been three times altered. After
this period the history of Pennsylvania is little else than a recital
of the quarrels between the proprietaries, or their governors,
and the assembly. The proprietaries contended for the right of
exempting their land from taxes; to which the assembly would by no
means consent. This subject of dispute interfered in almost every
question, and prevented the most salutary laws from being enacted.
This at times subjected the people to great inconveniences. In the
year 1774, during a war between France and Great Britain, some
French and Indians had made inroads upon the frontier inhabitants
of the province, who were unprovided for such an attack. It became
necessary that the citizens should arm for their defence. Governor
Thomas recommended to the assembly, who were then sitting, to pass
a militia law. To this they would agree only upon condition, that
he should give his assent to certain laws, which appeared to them
calculated to promote the interests of the people. As he thought
these laws would be injurious to the proprietaries, he

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If we can obtain the credit of moderation by restoring Canada, it is well: but we should, however, restore it at _all events_; because it would not only be of no use to us; but "the possession of it (in his.
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They are the very men, who now clamour at the assembly for a proposal of bringing the trial of a particular murder to this county, from another, where it was not thought safe for any man to be either juryman or witness; and call it disfranchising the people! who are now bawling about the constitution, and pretending vast concern for your liberties! In refusing you the least means of recommending or expressing your regard for persons to be placed over you as officers, and who were thus to be made your judges in life and estate; they have not regarded the example of the king, our wise, as well as kind master, who, in all his requisitions made to the colonies, of raising troops for their.
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There is one thing.
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There may be differences of fineness, goodness, and value, in the goods of different traders, that cannot be properly allowed for by general tariffs.
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no longer than their government continues, and purpose to leave no family behind them, they are apt to be regardless of the good-will of the people, and care not what is said or thought of them after they are gone.
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_ I mean the usual way of requisition, in a circular letter from the secretary of state, by his majesty's command, reciting the occasion, and recommending it to the colonies to grant such aids as became their loyalty, and were suitable to their abilities.
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and French, took this opportunity, thus offered them by our imprudence, and began to smuggle their teas into the plantations.
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Franklin, at the Council Chamber, Jan.
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We desire, also, that you would take the trouble of receiving from Arthur Lee, esquire, agent for the congress in England, such letters as may be sent by him to your care, and of forwarding them to us with your dispatches.
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I hope therefore, that for our own sakes, as part of the people, and for the sake of our posterity, we shall act heartily and unanimously in recommending this constitution, wherever our influence may extend, and turn our future thoughts and endeavours to the means of having it well administered.
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Remember, that six pounds a year is but a groat a day.
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After industry and frugality, nothing contributes more to the raising of a young man in the world than punctuality and justice in all his dealings: therefore, never keep borrowed money an hour beyond the time you promised, lest a disappointment shut up your friend's purse for ever.
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Besides, the immense stock of wax and tallow left unconsumed during the summer will probably make candles much cheaper for the ensuing winter, and continue them cheaper as long as the proposed reformation shall be supported.
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Oh! Eh! Can no one bear it for me? _Gout.
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There is no British colony, excepting this, but has made some kind of provision for its defence; many of them have therefore never been attempted by an enemy; and others, that were attacked, have generally defended themselves with success.
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_Insects_, utility of the study of, ii.
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