The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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Experiments, observations, and facts, tending to support the
opinion of the utility of long pointed rods, for securing
buildings from damage by strokes of lightning. 383

On the utility of electrical conductors. 400

On the effects of electricity in paralytic cases. 401

Electrical experiments on amber. 403

On the electricity of the fogs in Ireland. 405

Mode of ascertaining, whether the power, giving a shock to those
who touch either the Surinam eel, or the torpedo, be electrical. 408

On the analogy between magnetism and electricity. 410

Concerning the mode of rendering meat tender by electricity. 413

Answer to some queries concerning the choice of glass for the
Leyden experiment. 416

Concerning the Leyden bottle. 418


No. 1. Account of experiments made in electricity at Marly.

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_ _What the manuscripts contained, that should have excited the jealousy of government, we are unable, as we have never seen them, positively to affirm; but, from the conspicuous part acted by the author in the American revolution and the wars connected with it, it is by no means difficult to guess; and of this we are sure, from his character, that no disposition of his writings could have been more contrary to his intentions or wishes.
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In the researches I made at Eaton, I found no account of their births, marriages, and deaths, earlier than the year 1555; the parish register not extending farther back than that period.
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The friends of the plan now redoubled their efforts, to obtain subscriptions to the amount stated in the bill, and were soon successful.
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To explain this: take two apples, or two balls of wood or other matter, each having its own natural quantity of the electrical fluid.
Page 163
When it is made narrower, as the figure between the pricked lines, we call it the _golden fish_, from its manner of acting.
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The ends of the two chains in the glass were near an inch distant from each other, the oil of turpentine between.
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These, as so many stepping-stones, assist in conducting a stroke between the cloud and a building.
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In answer to your several enquiries.
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project! But he was, as you observe, a very singular character.
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How these effects may be produced, you will easily conceive, on perusing and considering the experiments in the enclosed paper: and from them too it appears probable, that every change from positive to negative, and from negative to positive, that, during a thunder-gust, we see in the cork-balls annexed to the apparatus, is not owing to the presence of clouds in the same state, but often to the absence of positive or negative clouds, that, having just passed, leave the rod in the opposite state.
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I have tried the experiment twice, when the air was as dry as we ever have it, and so clear that not a cloud could be seen, and found the twine each time in a small degree electrised positively.
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That which I kept under water, was charged on the 22d of September last, was several times heated before it was kept in water, and has been heated frequently since, and yet it still retains its virtue to a very considerable degree.
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law of the electric fluid, "That quantities of different densities mutually attract each other, in order to restore the equilibrium," is, I think, not well founded, or else not well expressed.
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The iron dogs, loggerhead and iron pot were not hurt, being of sufficient substance, and they probably protected the cat.
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been forced from one extremity of the steel to the other, it is not easy for it to return; and thus a bar of steel is converted into a permanent magnet.
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fresh, beneficial effects of, in bed-rooms, iii.
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_Red_ and green, relation between the colours of, ii.
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Pg 356.