The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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A more particular account of the same, &c. 422

Letter of Mr. W. Watson, F. R. S. to the Royal Society, concerning
the electrical experiments in England upon thunder-clouds. 427

No. 2. Remarks on the Abbé Nollet's Letters to Benjamin Franklin,
Esq. of Philadelphia, on electricity. 430


PLATE I. Electrical Experiments facing page 182

PLATE II. Electrical Air Thermometer 336

PLATE III. Cavendish Experiment 348

PLATE IV. Lightning Rod Experiments 388


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2 10: for true, read me.
5 5: for was born, read who was born.
20 1: for Tryon, read Tyron's.
_ib._ 7 from the bottom: for put to blush, read put

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Text Comparison with The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Page 13
Three or four letters of a side had passed, when my father happened to find my papers and read them.
Page 17
He had some ingenious men among his friends, who amus'd themselves by writing little pieces for this paper, which gain'd it credit and made it more in demand, and these gentlemen often visited us.
Page 27
I went, however, with the governor and Colonel French to a tavern, at the corner of Third-street, and over the Madeira he propos'd my setting up my business, laid before me the probabilities of success, and both he and Colonel French assur'd me I should have their interest and influence in procuring the public business of both governments.
Page 31
His drinking continu'd, about which we sometimes quarrell'd; for, when a little intoxicated, he was very fractious.
Page 43
I was now on a fair footing with them, and soon acquir'd considerable influence.
Page 54
My London pamphlet, which had for its motto these lines of Dryden: "Whatever is, is right.
Page 60
You may find friends to assist you.
Page 61
I think this was in or about the year 1729.
Page 63
She brought me word they had no such sum to spare; I said they might mortgage their house.
Page 90
The piece, being universally approved, was copied in all the newspapers of the Continent; reprinted in Britain on a broad side, to be stuck up in houses; two translations were made of it in French, and great numbers bought by the clergy and gentry, to distribute gratis among their poor parishioners and tenants.
Page 91
Of these are a Socratic dialogue, tending to prove that, whatever might be his parts and abilities, a vicious man could not properly be called a man of sense; and a discourse on self-denial, showing that virtue was not secure till its practice became a habitude, and was free from the opposition of contrary inclinations.
Page 92
I mention this affair chiefly for the sake of recommending that branch of education for our young females, as likely to be of more use to them and their children, in case of widowhood, than either music or dancing, by preserving them from losses by imposition of crafty men, and enabling them to continue, perhaps, a profitable mercantile house, with establish'd correspondence, till a son is grown up fit to undertake and go on with it, to the lasting advantage and enriching of the family.
Page 96
He sent it immediately, and I return'd it in about a week with another note, expressing strongly my sense of the favour.
Page 103
When the company separated, and the papers were collected, we found above twelve hundred hands; and, other copies being dispersed in the country, the subscribers amounted at length to upward of ten thousand.
Page 106
Being thus secure of a majority, I went up, and after a little seeming hesitation, agreed to a delay of another hour.
Page 128
Page 134
But, the expedition having been unfortunate, my service, it seems, was not thought of much value, for those recommendations were never of any use to me.
Page 139
We met with no Indians, but we found the places on the neighboring hills where they had lain to watch our proceedings.
Page 158
The want of formality or rudeness was, probably, my not having address'd the paper to them with their assum'd titles of True and Absolute Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania, which I omitted as not thinking it necessary in a paper, the intention of which was only to reduce to a certainty by writing, what in conversation I had delivered viva voce.
Page 163