The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 10


On the criminal laws, and the practice of privateering 441

A parable against persecution, in imitation of scripture language 450

A letter concerning persecution in former ages, the maintenance of
the clergy, American bishops, and the state of toleration in Old
England and New England compared 452

On the slave trade 459

Account of the highest court of judicature in Pensylvania, viz.
The court of the press 463


PLATE V. Water-Spouts facing page 16

PLATE VI. Maritime Observations 163

PLATE VII. A Chart of the Gulph Stream 197

PLATE VIII. Pensylvania Fire-Place 235

PLATE VIII*. Profile of the Pensylvania Chimnie

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

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[3] [1] The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, collected and edited by Albert Henry Smyth, Volume IX, New York, 1906.
Page 2
Montgolfier himself, at the Expence of the Academy, which is to go up in a few Days.
Page 3
Some think Progressive Motion on the Earth may be advanc'd by it, and that a Running Footman or a Horse slung and suspended under such a Globe so as to have no more of Weight pressing the Earth with their Feet, than Perhaps 8 or 10 Pounds, might with a fair Wind run in a straight Line across Countries.
Page 4
So vast a Bulk when it began to rise so majestically in the Air struck the spectators with surprise and Admiration.
Page 5
Faujas de St.
Page 6
Multitudes in Paris saw the Balloon passing; but did not know there were Men with it, it being then.
Page 7
I know not what it is.
Page 8
A few Months since the Idea of Witches riding thro' the Air upon a Broomstick, and that of Philosophers upon a Bag of Smoke, would have appeared equally impossible and ridiculous.
Page 9
1, 1783.
Page 10
I had a Pocket Glass, with which I follow'd it, till I lost Sight, first of the Men, then of the Car, and when I last saw the Balloon, it appear'd no bigger than a Walnut.
Page 11
If I receive any farther Particulars of Importance I shall communicate them hereafter.
Page 12
On evalue qu'il a ete 50 minutes en l'air.
Page 13
Faujas de Saint-Fond on Nov.
Page 14
Pilatre du Rozier" should be "M.