The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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when large
sometimes break above and pour over it, doing great damage.

That this effect might in any degree be prevented, or the height
and violence of waves in the sea moderated, we had no certain
account; Pliny's authority for the practice of seamen in his time
being slighted. But discoursing lately on this subject with his
excellency Count Bentinck, of Holland, his son the honourable Captain
Bentinck, and the learned professor Allemand (to all whom I showed
the experiment of smoothing in a windy day the large piece of water
at the head of the Green Park) a letter was mentioned, which had
been received by the Count from Batavia, relative to the saving of a
Dutch ship in a storm by pouring oil into the sea. I much desired to
see that letter, and a copy of it was promised me, which I afterward


[28] Note by Dr. Brownrigg.

Sir Gilfred Lawson, who served long in the army at Gibraltar,
assures me, that the fishermen in that place are accustomed to pour
a little oil on the sea, in order to still its motion, that they may
be enabled to see the oysters lying at its bottom; which are there
very large, and which they take up with a proper instrument. This
Sir Gilfred had often seen there performed, and said the same was
practised on other parts of the Spanish coast.

[29] See the preceding paper. _Editor._

_Extract of a Letter from Mr. Tengnagel to Count Bentinck, dated at
Batavia, the 5th of January, 1770._

"Near the islands Paul and Amsterdam, we met with a storm, which had
nothing particular in it worthy of being communicated to you, except
that the captain found himself obliged for greater safety in wearing
the ship, to pour oil into the sea, to prevent the waves breaking
over her, which had an excellent effect, and succeeded in preserving
us. As he poured out but a little at a time, the East India Company
owes perhaps its ship to only six demi-ames of oil-olive. I was
present upon deck when this was done; and I should not have mentioned
this circumstance to you, but that we have found people here so
prejudiced against the experiment, as to make it necessary for the
officers on board and myself to give a certificate of the truth on
this head, of which we made no difficulty."

On this occasion, I mentioned to Captain Bentinck, a thought
which had occurred to me in reading the voyages of our late
circumnavigators, particularly where accounts are given of pleasant
and fertile islands which they much desired to

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