The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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I made many other experiments, but the above are those in which I was
most exact; and they serve sufficiently to show that the difference
is considerable. Between the deepest and shallowest it appears to
be somewhat more than one fifth. So that supposing large canals and
boats and depths of water to bear the same proportions, and that four
men or horses would draw a boat in deep water four leagues in four
hours, it would require five to draw the same boat in the same time
as far in shallow water; or four would require five hours.

Whether this difference is of consequence enough to justify a greater
expence in deepening canals, is a matter of calculation, which our
ingenious engineers in that way will readily determine. I am,

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There was a salt-marsh that bounded part of the mill-pond, on the edge of which, at high water, we used to stand to fish for minnows.
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And by such a manner, you can seldom hope to recommend yourself in pleasing your hearers, or to persuade those whose concurrence you desire.
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And, perhaps, this might be one occasion of the differences that we began to have about this time.
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Should they even prove unsuccessful in all that a sanguine admirer of yours hopes from them, you will at least have framed pieces to interest the human mind; and whoever gives a feeling of pleasure.
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There, if I remember right, we were about six weeks, consuming our sea-stores, and oblig'd to procure more.
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, that I had furnish'd to Braddock, some of which accounts could not sooner be obtain'd from the different persons I had employ'd to assist in the business.
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I then waited on my old friend and correspondent, Mr.
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1748 Sells out his printing business; is appointed on the Commission of the Peace, chosen to the Common Council, and to the Assembly.