The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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will tow him along while lying on his back. Where force is
wanted to move a heavy body, and there are but few hands and no
machines, a long and strong rope may make a powerful instrument.
Suppose a boat is to be drawn up on a beach, that she may be out of
the surf; a stake drove into the beach where you would have the boat
drawn, and another to fasten the end of the rope to, which comes
from the boat, and then applying what force you have to pull upon
the middle of the rope at right angles with it, the power will be
augmented in proportion to the length of rope between the posts. The
rope being fastened to the stake A, and drawn upon in the direction
C D, will slide over the stake B; and when the rope is bent to the
angle A D B, represented by the pricked line in figure 24, the boat
will be at B.

Some sailors may think the writer has given himself unnecessary
trouble in pretending to advise them; for they have a little
repugnance to the advice of landmen, whom they esteem ignorant and
incapable of giving any worth notice; though it is certain that most
of their instruments were the invention of landmen. At least the
first vessel ever made to go on the water was certainly such. I will
therefore add only a few words more, and they shall be addressed to

When you intend a long voyage, you may do well to keep your intention
as much as possible a secret, or at least the time of your departure;
otherwise you will be continually interrupted in your preparations
by the visits of friends and acquaintance, who will not only rob
you of the time you want, but put things out of your mind, so that
when you come to sea, you have the mortification to recollect points
of business that ought to have been done, accounts you intended to
settle, and conveniencies you had proposed to bring with you, &c. &c.
all which have been omitted through the effect of these officious
friendly visits. Would it not be well if this custom could be
changed; if the voyager after having, without interruption, made all
his preparations, should use some of the time he has left, in going
himself to take leave of his friends at their own houses, and let
them come to congratulate him on his happy return.

It is not always in your power to make a choice in your captain,
though much of your

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Green 196 To Dr.
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It would be thought a hard government that should tax its people one tenth part of their time, to be employed in its service; but idleness taxes many of us much more; sloth, by bringing on diseases, absolutely shortens life.
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Three years after, this skipper being at my house with an old farmer of Cape May, his passenger, he mentioned the cap, and how much his daughter had been pleased with it.
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A magistrate who sincerely aims at the good of society will always have the inclinations of a great majority on his side, and an impartial posterity will not fail to render him justice.
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they have nevertheless always submitted to it.
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Its members were classed in the following committees: 1.
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the friends of America were run upon and hurt by them, and how much the Grenvillians triumphed.
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Being at this time one of the most remarkable figures in Paris, even my appearance in the Church of Notre Dame, where I cannot have any conceivable business, and especially being seen to leave or drop any letter to any person there would be a matter of some speculation, and might, from the suspicions it must naturally give, have very mischievous consequences to our credit here.
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"DEAR SIR, "Your kind letter of September 27 came to hand but very lately, the bearer having stayed long in Holland.
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I find also that the business is too heavy for me, and too confining.
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Frugality is an enriching virtue, a virtue I never could acquire in myself, but I was once lucky enough to find it in a wife, who thereby became a fortune to me.
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Such writings, though they may be lightly passed over by many readers, yet if they make a deep impression on one active mind in a hundred, the effects may be considerable.
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His lands are on navigable water, communicating with the Delaware, and but about 16 miles from this city.
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Wright to make him a waxwork wife to sit at the head of his table.
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Had the different strata of clay, gravel, marble, coals, limestone, sand, minerals, &c.
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This premised, 1.
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_ _New and curious Theory of Light and Heat.
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Hence, when salt rises, as it will a little way, into air with water, there is.
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Within a few miles above and below this moveable line of separation, the different waters mix a little, partly by their motion to and fro, and partly from the greater gravity of the salt water, which inclines it to run under the fresh, while the fresh water, being lighter, runs over the salt.