The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 149

| 60 | 70 | | | |37 39|60 38|Much gulph weed; |
| | | | | | | | | | saw a whale. |
| 27| | 60 | 70 | SSE| WbS | |37 13|62 29|Colour of water |
| | | | | | | | | | changed. |
| 28| 8 A.M.| 70 | 64 | SW | WNW | |37 48|64 35|No gulph weed. |
| --| 6 P.M.| 67 | 60 | | | 34 | | |Sounded, no bottom|
| 29| 8 A.M.| 63 | 71 | N | W | 44 |37 26|66 0|Much light in the |
| | | | | | | | | | water last night.|
| --| 5 P.M.| 65 | 72 | NE | | 57 | | |Water again of the|
| --|11 dit.| 66 | 66 |NWbN| WbS | 57 | | | usual deep sea |
| 30| 8 A.M.| 64 | 70 | NE | WbN

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Page 37
That by such charters it be granted, that every actual settler be intitled to a tract of [___] acres for himself, and [___] acres for every poll in the family he carries with him; and that every contributor of [___] guineas be intitled to a quantity of acres, equal to the share of a single settler, for every such sum of [___] guineas contributed and paid to the colony treasurer; a contributor for [___] shares to have an additional share _gratis_; that settlers may likewise be contributors, and have right of land in both capacities.
Page 76
You shall have land enough to cultivate, that you may have neither necessity nor inclination to go into manufactures; and we will manufacture for you, and govern you.
Page 80
If the poor Indians in those remote parts are now able to pay for the linen, woollen, and iron wares they are at present furnished with by the French and English traders (though Indians have nothing but what they get by hunting, and the goods are loaded with all the impositions fraud and knavery can contrive to inhance their value) will not industrious English farmers, hereafter settled in those countries, be much better able to pay for what shall be brought them in the way of fair commerce? If it is asked, _What_ can such farmers raise, wherewith to pay for the manufactures they may want from us? I answer, that the inland parts of America in question are well known to be fitted for the production of hemp, flax, pot-ash, and above all,.
Page 127
We do not therefore presume to impeach their lordships' judgment, that the act, as it enforced the acceptance of bills for money at a value which they had only nominally, and not really, was in that respect fundamentally wrong and unjust.
Page 131
They therefore, after a thorough debate, and making no less than twenty-five unanimous resolves, expressing the many grievances this province had long laboured under, through the proprietary government, came to the following resolution, viz.
Page 142
--But as wisdom shows itself not only in doing what is right, but in confessing and _amending_ what is wrong, I recommend the latter particularly to your present attention; being persuaded of this consequence, that though you have been mad enough to sign such a petition, you never will be fools enough to present it.
Page 152
If I had gone to gaming in the stocks with the public money, and through my fault a sum was lost, as your protest would insinuate, why was I not censured and punished for it when I returned? You, honourable sir, (my enemy of seven years standing) was then in the house.
Page 159
Meynomeneys 110 Pervons 360 Sax 300 Reynard 320 1090 ST.
Page 184
Page 211
--And hence it is, that all the like rights, privileges and powers, follow the use, exercise and application of the great seal of each colony and plantation within the precincts of said jurisdiction, as doth, and ought of right to follow the use, exercise, and application of the great seal.
Page 241
In the war before last they took Louisbourg, and put it into her hands.
Page 257
If then we consider and compare Britain and America, in these several particulars, upon the question, "To which is it safest to lend money?" We shall find, 1.
Page 333
Nor should you give the least hint to either party, by any kind of noise or motion.
Page 354
They _thought_ themselves secure, no doubt; and as they _never had been_ disturbed, vainly imagined they _never should_.
Page 358
The few that remain will be unable to resist.
Page 362
At present we are like the separate filaments of flax before the thread is formed, without strength, because without connection; but UNION would make us strong, and even formidable.
Page 401
Page 404
_Magnetism_, animal, detected and exposed, i.
Page 408
_Penn_, governor, remarks on his administration, iii.
Page 423
Seventeen instances of '2.