The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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into the chimney, sufficient to fill
the opening, being necessary to oppose and prevent the smoke coming
out into the room; it follows, that the openings of the longest
funnels may be larger, and that those of the shorter funnels should
be smaller. For if there be a large opening to a chimney that does
not draw strongly, the funnel may happen to be furnished with the
air it demands by a partial current entering on one side of the
opening, and, leaving the other side free of any opposing current,
may permit the smoke to issue there into the room. Much too of the
force of draft in a funnel depends on the degree of rarefaction in
the air it contains, and that depends on the nearness to the fire of
its passage in entering the funnel. If it can enter far from the fire
on each side, or far above the fire in a wide or high opening, it
receives little heat in passing by the fire, and the contents of the
funnel is by that means less different in levity from the surrounding
atmosphere, and its force in drawing consequently weaker. Hence if
too large an opening be given to chimneys in upper rooms, those rooms
will be smoky: on the other hand, if too small openings be given to
chimneys in the lower rooms, the entering air, operating too directly
and violently on the fire, and afterwards strengthening the draft as
it ascends the funnel, will consume the fuel too rapidly.

_Remedy._ As different circumstances frequently mix themselves
in these matters, it is difficult to give precise dimensions for
the openings of all chimneys. Our fathers made them generally
much too large; we have lessened them; but they are often still
of greater dimension than they should be, the human eye not being
easily reconciled to sudden and great changes. If you suspect that
your chimney smokes from the too great dimension of its opening,
contract it by placing moveable boards so as to lower and narrow
it gradually, till you find the smoke no longer issues into the
room. The proportion so found will be that which is proper for that
chimney, and you may employ the bricklayer or mason to reduce it
accordingly. However, as, in building new houses, something must
be sometimes hazarded, I would make the openings in my lower rooms
about thirty inches square and eighteen deep, and those in the upper,
only eighteen inches square and not quite so deep; the intermediate
ones diminishing in proportion as the height of funnel diminished.
In the larger openings, billets

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By using thinner and more porous bed-clothes, which will suffer the perspirable matter more easily to pass through them,.