The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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from another, nor under the necessity
of lending. A variety of these means have been already described.

5. Another cause of smoking is, _when the tops of chimneys are
commanded by higher buildings, or by a hill_, so that the wind
blowing over such eminences falls like water over a dam, sometimes
almost perpendicularly on the tops of the chimneys that lie in its
way, and beats down the smoke contained in them.

_Remedy._ That commonly applied to this case, is a turncap made of
tin or plate iron, covering the chimney above and on three sides,
open on one side, turning on a spindle, and which, being guided or
governed by a vane, always presents its back to the current. This
I believe may be generally effectual, though not certain, as there
may be cases in which it will not succeed. Raising your funnels, if
practicable, so as their tops may be higher, or at least equal with
the commanding eminence, is more to be depended on. But the turning
cap, being easier and cheaper, should first be tried. If obliged to
build in such a situation, I would chuse to place my doors on the
side next the hill, and the backs of my chimneys on the furthest
side; for then the column of air falling over the eminence, and of
course pressing on that below and forcing it to enter the doors or
_Was ist das_es on that side, would tend to balance the pressure down
the chimneys, and leave the funnels more free in the exercise of
their functions.

6. There is another case of command, the reverse of that last
mentioned. It is where the commanding eminence is farther from the
wind than the chimney commanded. To explain this a figure may be
necessary. Suppose then a building whose side A happens to be exposed
to the wind, and forms a kind of dam against its progress. (Plate,
Figure 3.) The air obstructed by this dam will, like water, press and
search for passages through it; and finding the top of the chimney B,
below the top of the dam, it will force itself down that funnel, in
order to get through by some door or window open on the other side of
the building. And if there be a fire in such chimney, its smoke is of
course beat down, and fills the room.

_Remedy._ I know of but one, which is to raise such funnel higher
than the roof, supporting it, if necessary by iron bars. For a
turn-cap in this case has no effect, the dammed up air

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