The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 237

0 9½
Length of the front plate E, where longest, 0 11
The cover D, square, 0 12
Hole in ditto, diameter, 0 3
Sliding plates Y Y, their length, each, 1 0
----- ----- ----- their breadth, each, 0 4½
Drawer G, its length, 1 0
----- ----- breadth, 0 5¾
----- ----- depth, 0 4
----- ----- depth of its further end, only, 0 1
Grate H in the vase, its diameter to the
extremity of its knobs, 0 5¾
Thickness of the bars at top, 0 0¼
----- ----- ----- at bottom, less, 0

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Text Comparison with Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

Page 1
" At last Franklin won the king's signature to a bill by the terms of which the surveyed lands of the proprietaries should be assessed, and, his business accomplished,.
Page 2
In February following, my son arrived with my new daughter; for, with my consent and approbation, he married, soon after I left England, a very agreeable West India lady, with whom he is very happy.
Page 5
Page 9
He was also much of a politician; too much, perhaps, for his station.
Page 10
In that case the stool was turned down again upon its feet, when the Bible remained concealed under it as before.
Page 24
21, 1719; the American Weekly Mercury, at Philadelphia, Dec.
Page 29
I found in the shop the old man, his father, whom I had seen at New York, and who, traveling on horseback, had got to Philadelphia before me.
Page 31
This my brother-in-law afterward told me in Boston, but I knew as yet nothing of it when, one day, Keimer and I being at work together near the window, we saw the governor and another gentleman (which proved to be Colonel French of Newcastle), finely dressed, come directly across the street to our house, and heard them at the door.
Page 33
Then he wrote a civil letter to Sir William, thanking him for the patronage he had so kindly offered me, but declining to assist me as yet in setting up, I being, in his opinion, too young to be trusted with the management of a business so important, and for which the preparation must be so expensive.
Page 48
It was two pair of stairs backward, at an Italian warehouse.
Page 54
These he had agreed with at extremely low wages per week, to be raised a shilling every three months, as they would deserve by improving in their business; and the expectation of these high wages, to come on hereafter, was what he had drawn them in with.
Page 62
I composed of it a sheet a day, and Meredith worked it off at press; it was often eleven at night, and sometimes later, before I had finished my distribution[95] for the next day's work, for the little jobs sent in by our other friends now and then put us back.
Page 70
, almanacs, ballads, and a few common schoolbooks.
Page 86
I purposed writing a little comment on each virtue, in which I would have shown the advantages of possessing it, and the mischiefs attending its opposite vice; and I should have called my book "The Art of Virtue,"[114] because it would have shown the means and manner of obtaining virtue, which would have distinguished it from the mere exhortation to be good, that does not instruct and indicate the means, but is like the apostle's man of verbal charity, who only, without showing to the naked and hungry how or where they might get clothes or victuals, exhorted them to be fed and clothed.
Page 107
A transaction in our fire company gave me some insight into their prevailing sentiments.
Page 113
At length one mentioned me, with the observation that I was merely an honest man and of no sect at all, which prevailed with them to choose me.
Page 118
" He laughed and thanked me, and said he would take my advice.
Page 119
By this means they were kept clean, and did not grow dark in a few hours, as the London lamps do, but continued bright till morning, and an accidental stroke would generally break but a single pane, easily repaired.
Page 132
The people of these back counties have lately complained to the Assembly that a sufficient currency was wanting.
Page 173
Don't misinform your doctor or your lawyer.