The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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the graces of prose oratory, while it added
the pleasure of harmony. A modern song, on the contrary, neglects
all the proprieties and beauties of common speech, and in their
place introduces its _defects_ and _absurdities_ as so many graces.
I am afraid you will hardly take my word for this, and therefore I
must endeavour to support it by proof. Here is the first song I lay
my hand on. It happens to be a composition of one of our greatest
masters, the ever-famous Handel. It is not one of his juvenile
performances, before his taste could be improved and formed: it
appeared when his reputation was at the highest, is greatly admired
by all his admirers, and is really excellent in its kind. It is
called, "The additional favourite song in Judas Maccabeus." Now I
reckon among the defects and improprieties of common speech, the
following, viz.

1. _Wrong placing the accent or emphasis_, by laying it on words of
no importance, or on wrong syllables.

2. _Drawling_; or extending the sound of words or syllables beyond
their natural length.

3. _Stuttering_; or making many syllables of one.

4. _Unintelligibleness_; the result of the three foregoing united.

5. _Tautology_; and

6. _Screaming_, without cause.

For the _wrong placing of the accent, or emphasis_, see it on the
word _their_ instead of being on the word _vain_.

[Illustration (music): with _their_ vain my-ste-rious Art]

And on the word _from_, and the wrong syllable _like_.

[Illustration (music): God _like_ wisdom _from_ a-bove.]

For the _drawling_, see the last syllable of the word _wounded_.

[Illustration (music): Nor can heal the wound_ed_ heart]

And in the syllable _wis_, and the word _from_, and syllable _bove_

[Illustration (music): God-like _wis_dom _from_ a-_bove_]

For the _stuttering_, see the words _ne'er relieve_, in

[Illustration (music): Ma-gick charms can _ne'er_ _re-lieve_ you]

Here are four syllables made of one, and eight of three; but this
is moderate. I have seen in another song that I cannot now find,
seventeen syllables made of three, and sixteen of one: the latter I
remember was the word _charms_; viz. _cha, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
a, a, a, a, a, a, arms_. Stammering with a witness!

For the _unintelligibleness_; give this whole song to any taught
singer, and let her sing it to any company that have never heard it;
you shall find they will not understand three words in ten. It is
therefore, that at the oratorios and operas one sees with books in
their hands all those who desire to understand what they hear sung by
even our best performers.

For the _tautology_; you have, _with their vain

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