The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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printers, more sensibly,
place an interrogation at the beginning as well as at the end of the
question. We have another error of the same kind in printing plays,
where something often occurs, that is marked as spoken _aside_. But
the word _aside_ is placed at the end of the speech, when it ought
to precede it, as a direction to the reader, that he may govern his
voice accordingly. The practice of our ladies in meeting five or six
together, to form little busy parties, where each is employed in some
useful work, while one reads to them, is so commendable in itself,
that it deserves the attention of authors and printers to make it as
pleasing as possible, both to the reader and hearers.

My best wishes attend you, being, with sincere esteem,


Your most obedient and very humble servant,



[66] This letter is taken from an American periodical publication
entitled the Columbian Magazine. _Editor._

_A Scheme for a New Alphabet and reformed Mode of Spelling; with
Remarks and Examples concerning the same; and an Enquiry into its
Uses, in a Correspondence between Miss S----[67] and Dr. Franklin,
written in the Characters of the Alphabet[68]._


To face page 357,
Vol. II.

| |_Sounded_ respectively, as in
| |the Words in the Column below.
| |
| | |_Names_ of Letters as expressed in
| | |the reformed Sounds and Characters.
| | |
| | | |_Manner of pronouncing_ the Sounds.
| o |Old.

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[i-141] In another letter to Hume, he hoped that "we shall always in America make the best English of this Island [Britain] our standard.
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"[i-253] In the midst of _Plain Truth_ Franklin uttered what only _before_ the time of Locke could be interpreted in terms of feudal _comitatus_: he entreated his readers to consider, "if not as Friends, at least as Legislators, that _Protection_ is as truly due from the Government to the People, as _Obedience_ from the People to the Government.
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Hill, "A Missing Chapter of Franco-American History," _American Historical Review_, XXI, 709-19, (July, 1916).
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Tatsch, _Freemasonry in the Thirteen Colonies_ (New York, 1924); _Early Newspaper Accounts of Free Masonry in Pennsylvania, England, Ireland, and Scotland.
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(Useful bibliography, pp.
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He did not like my Lodging at Bradford's while I work'd with him.
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--The first Members were Joseph Breintnal,[6] a Copyer of Deeds for the Scriveners; a good-natur'd friendly middle-ag'd Man, a great Lover of Poetry, reading all he could meet with, and writing some that was tolerable; very ingenious in many little Nicknackeries, and of sensible Conversation.
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If we would know why the Barbers are so eminent for their Skill in Politicks, it will be necessary to lay aside the Appellation of Barber, and confine ourselves to that of Shaver and Trimmer, which will naturally lead us to consider the near Relation which subsists between Shaving, Trimming and Politicks, from whence we shall discover that Shaving and Trimming is not the Province of the Mechanic alone, but that there are their several Shavers and Trimmers at Court, the Bar, in Church and State.
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For People increase in Proportion to the Number of Marriages, and that is greater in Proportion to the Ease and Convenience of supporting a Family.
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| +----+----------------+----------------------------------------------+ | 1 |[Aries] 22 | [Mars] rise 2 30 | | 2 |[Taurus] 5 | [Venus] set 10 28 | | 3 | 18 | [Moon] w [Mercury] [Sextile] [Saturn] [Mars] | | 4 |[Gemini] 2 | _If you would_ | | 5 | 16 | [Moon] with [Venus] _reap_ | | 6 |[Cancer] 0 | [Conjunction] [Sun] [Mercury] _Praise_ | | 7 | 14 | [Moon] with [Jupiter] _you_ | | 8 | 28 | 7 *s set 7 56 | | 9 |[Leo] 13 | .
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The Hills he touches--Clouds of Smoke arise, And sulph'rous Streams mount heavy to the Skies.
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The first I received just before I set out on a long journey, and the others while I was on that journey, which held me near six weeks.
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It is only jumping out of their waters into mine.
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[132] Charles Carroll (1737-1832).