The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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spiral motion, in the
same manner as the water _descends_ spirally through the hole in the
tub before-mentioned.

Lastly, as the lower air, and nearest the surface, is most rarefied
by the heat of the sun, that air is most acted on by the pressure
of the surrounding cold and heavy air, which is to take its place;
consequently, its motion towards the whirl is swiftest, and so the
force of the lower part of the whirl, or trump, strongest, and the
centrifugal force of its particles greatest; and hence the vacuum
round the axis of the whirl should be greatest near the earth or
sea, and be gradually diminished as it approaches the region of the
clouds, till it ends in a point, as at P in Fig. II. Plate V. forming
a long and sharp cone.

In Fig. I. which is a plan or ground-plat of a whirlwind, the circle
V. represents the central vacuum.

Between _a a a a_ and _b b b b_ I suppose a body of air, condensed
strongly by the pressure of the currents moving towards it, from all
sides without, and by its centrifugal force from within, moving round
with prodigious swiftness, (having, as it were, the momenta of all
the currents -----> -----> -----> -----> united in itself) and with a
power equal to its swiftness and density.

[Illustration: (Water Spouts)

_Plate V._ _Vol. II. page 26._

_Published as the Act directs, April 1, 1806, by Longman, Hurst, Rees
& Orme, Paternoster Row._]

It is this whirling body of air between _a a a a_ and _b b b b_ that
rises spirally; by its force it tears buildings to pieces, twists
up great trees by the roots, &c. and, by its spiral motion, raises
the fragments so high, till the pressure of the surrounding and
approaching currents diminishing, can no longer confine them to the
circle, or their own centrifugal force encreasing, grows too strong
for such pressure, when they fly off in tangent lines, as stones out
of a sling, and fall on all sides, and at great distances.

If it happens at sea, the water under and between _a a a a_ and _b
b b b_ will be violently agitated and driven about, and parts of it
raised with the spiral current, and thrown about so as to form a
bush-like appearance.

This circle is of various diameters, sometimes very large.

If the vacuum passes over water, the water may rise in it in a body,
or column, to near the height of thirty-two feet.

If it passes over houses,

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