The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 292

themselves transcribed by the scholar.

Dr. Johnson's Ethices Elementa, or First Principles of Morality,
may now be read by the scholars, and explained by the master, to
lay a solid foundation of virtue and piety in their minds. And as
this class continues the reading of history, let them now, at proper
hours, receive some farther instruction in chronology, and in that
part of geography (from the mathematical master) which is necessary
to understand the maps and globes. They should also be acquainted
with the modern names of the places they find mentioned in ancient
writers. The exercises of good reading, and proper speaking, still
continued at suitable times.

_Fifth Class_

To improve the youth in composition, they may now, besides continuing
to write letters, begin to write little essays in prose, and
sometimes in verse; not to make them poets, but for this reason,
that nothing acquaints a lad so speedily with variety of expression,
as the necessity of finding such words and phrases as will suit the
measure, sound and rhyme of verse, and at the same time well express
the sentiment. These essays should all pass under the master's eye,
who will point out their faults, and put the writer on correcting
them. Where the judgment is not ripe enough for forming new essays,
let the sentiments of a Spectator be given, and required to be
clothed in the scholar's own words; or the circumstances of some good
story, the scholar to find expression. Let them be put sometimes on
abridging a paragraph of a diffuse author: sometimes on dilating or
amplifying what is wrote more closely. And now let Dr. Johnson's
Noetica, or First Principles of Human Knowledge, containing a logic,
or art of reasoning, &c. be read by the youth, and the difficulties,
that may occur to them, be explained by the master. The reading of
history, and the exercises of good reading and just speaking still

_Sixth Class_

In this class, besides continuing the studies of the preceding in
history, rhetoric, logic, moral and natural philosophy, the best
English authors may be read and explained; as Tillotson, Milton,
Locke, Addison, Pope, Swift, the higher papers in the Spectator and
Guardian, the best translations of Homer, Virgil and Horace, of
Telemachus, travels of Cyrus, &c.

Once a year, let there be public exercises in the hall; the trustees
and citizens present. Then let fine gilt books be given as prizes
to such boys, as distinguish themselves, and excel the others in
any branch of learning, making three degrees of comparison: giving
the best prize to him, that performs best; a less valuable one to
him, that comes

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