The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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one come
across the stern of his vessel, and passed away from him. The water
came down in such quantity that the present Captain Melling, who was
then a common sailor at helm, says it almost drowned him, running
into his mouth, nose, ears, &c. and adds, that it tasted perfectly

One passed by the side of Captain Howland's ship, so near that it
appeared pretty plain that the water descended from first to last.

Mr. Robert Spring was so near one in the Straits of Malacca, that he
could perceive it to be a small very thick rain.

All these assure me, that there was no wind drawing towards them, nor
have I found any others that have observed such a wind.

It seems plain, by these few instances, that whirlwinds do not always
attend spouts; and that the water really descends in some of them.
But the following consideration, in confirmation of this opinion,
may, perhaps, render it probable that all the spouts are descents.

It seems unlikely that there should be two sorts of spouts, one
ascending and the other descending.

It has not yet been proved that any one spout ever ascended. A
specious appearance is all that can be produced in favour of this;
and those who have been most positive about it, were at more than a
league's distance when they observed, as Stuart and others, if I am
not mistaken. However, I believe it impossible to be certain whether
water ascends or descends at half the distance.

It may not be amiss to consider the places where they happen most.
These are such as are liable to calms from departing winds on both
sides, as on the borders of the equinoctial trade, calms on the
coast of Guinea, in the Straits of Malacca, &c. places where the
under region of the atmosphere is drawn off horizontally. I think
they do not come where the calms are without departing winds; and
I take the reason to be, that such places, and places where winds
blow towards one another, are liable to whirlwinds, or other ascents
of the lower region, which I suppose contrary to spouts. But the
former are liable to descents, which I take to be necessary to their
production. Agreeable to this, it seems reasonable to believe, that
any Mediterranean sea should be more subject to spouts than others.
The sea usually so called is so. The Straits of Malacca is. Some
large gulphs may probably be so, in suitable latitudes; so the Red
Sea, &c. and all for this reason, that the heated lands on each side
draw off

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