The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 2 [of 3]

By Benjamin Franklin

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by wood, and other combustibles, when burning,
existed in them before, in a solid state, being only discovered when
separating. That some fossils, as sulphur, sea-coal, &c. contain a
great deal of solid fire; and that, in short, what escapes and is
dissipated in the burning of bodies, besides water and earth, is
generally the air and fire that before made parts of the solid. Thus
I imagine that animal heat arises by or from a kind of fermentation
in the juices of the body, in the same manner as heat arises in the
liquors preparing for distillation, wherein there is a separation
of the spirituous, from the watry and earthy parts. And it is
remarkable, that the liquor in a distiller's vat, when in its highest
and best state of fermentation, as I have been informed, has the same
degree of heat with the human body; that is, about 94 or 96.

Thus, as by a constant supply of fuel in a chimney, you keep a warm
room, so, by a constant supply of food in the stomach, you keep a
warm body; only where little exercise is used, the heat may possibly
be conducted away too fast; in which case such materials are to be
used for cloathing and bedding, against the effects of an immediate
contact of the air, as are, in themselves, bad conductors of heat,
and, consequently, prevent its being communicated through their
substance to the air. Hence what is called _warmth_ in wool, and
its preference on that account, to linen; wool not being so good a
conductor: and hence all the natural coverings of animals, to keep
them warm, are such as retain and confine the natural heat in the
body, by being bad conductors, such as wool, hair, feathers, and the
silk by which the silk-worm, in its tender embrio state, is first
cloathed. Cloathing, thus considered, does not make a man warm by
_giving_ warmth, but by _preventing_ the too quick dissipation of the
heat produced in his body, and so occasioning an accumulation.

There is another curious question I will just venture to touch
upon, viz. Whence arises the sudden extraordinary degree of cold,
perceptible on mixing some chemical liquors, and even on mixing salt
and snow, where the composition appears colder than the coldest of
the ingredients? I have never seen the chemical mixtures made, but
salt and snow I have often mixed myself, and am fully satisfied
that the composition feels much colder to the touch, and lowers the
mercury in the thermometer more than either ingredient would do
separately. I suppose, with others, that

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